Lottery SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

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A collection of mailed SCAMs

Lottery SCAMs

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This is a collection of people and organizations all offering a way to possibly win great sums of money or merchandise. They range from providing a huge list of “guaranteed winning numbers” to fake notices of winnings to simple invitations to participate in a lottery.

If you don’t remember submitting an entry or sending cash or a check, you most likely did not. Your chances of winning, therefore, are more than astronomically low! Beware, also, of any organization that spends the majority of its expenses on lotteries. Finally, remember that any check you deposit will become a legal liability that you must repay even if the bank once said it had “cleared.”

Please remember, all quotations below are from the SCAM letters _not_ by


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AIWC claims to sell tickets to all Australian lotteries and notify you of your“guaranteed” winnings! They will do all the work for a mere US$20!

They claim to have a computer program that guarantees they will always win. Of course, the details are too complicated to even attempt an explanation. But all you have to do is trust them and they’ll notify you when you win! Really!

If you have any trouble getting your ‘winnings,’ it’s just a few days trip to Australia to discuss the matter.

This company may actually exist and be legitimate, just be sure to read and understand completely the terms of your agreement with them.

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Free Bed

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“FORM CCR103 CWA 052011


“...First_Name Last_Name, let me introduce myself, my name is Joyce Johnson and I have been authorized to send you 12 FREE CHANCES TO WIN a Contour® Classic Adjustable Bed!

“Who doesn’t love a deep, restful night’s sleep? And who wouldn’t want to win a FREE state-of-the-art bed?

“Here’s your chance - in fact, you have 12 Chances to WIN a FREE Contour® Classic Adjustable Bed. There’s absolutely no cost or purchase necessary to enter our FREE Contour® Win-A-Bed Sweepstakes. For the next twelve months, we’re simply awarding one free bed to one customer every month... and one of those lucky winners could be YOU!...”

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Supposed image of John Harrison

“...would you like to be the biggest lottery winner of 2010 with a 10 million jackpot?

“INTERNATIONAL SCOOP: the biggest lottery winner... New Record: 586 million; see the report below...

“Up until now, John Harrison has won more than 586 million over the last 40 years with 87 jackpots to his name! Now, at the age of 97, John Harrison has bequeathed all his fortune to charity... However, before he dies John Harrison has decided to entrust the fabulous secret that has made him the biggest winner of all time to one person only.

Image of Harrison check

...John Harrison has chosen you as the only heir to his fabulous fortune and money secret to win several jackpots and hundreds of millions!...”

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The Amazing Kreskin

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Your Life Path

“...The total of the day, month and year of your birth is called by numerologists the Life Path, Life Lesson, Birth Path, Birth Force or, sometimes, the Destiny number. This number is chosen by nature rather than by you or your parents, and it reflects the season and historical era of your birth. As its names suggest, it shows your mission in life, your life work and what the universe intends for you. It shows the opportunities you must seize in order to make the most of your potential. Following the life path that has been given to you will enable you to avoid continual discord and frustration, and to unfold in the way that is best for your nature. When you find your true place in the world, you will feel at home.

Your birthdate total is 6.

“Your Life Path of 6 means that your destiny is to serve and to be responsible for the welfare of others. Be it the home, the family or a work situation, your task is to lead the group and make it unified and productive. You’ll be involved with nurturing weaker persons, and you must learn to put the welfare of the group before your own interests. Aspire to be the benign parent figure, a source of guidance and strength. Marriage is ideal for you...”

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“...In an advance screening of lottery players in the USA, you have been named as a possible candidate for the Top Prize of $12,000,000.00. This is an important milestone for you.

“Please do not ignore this notice of your recent designation! If you do not act now you may not win that Top Prize -- and that could cost you a great deal of money.

“The MBA has already taken the liberty of determining the numbers within the winning range for the up and coming Mega Millions Lottery draws. Some of those numbers were printed on the inclosed Winning Numbers Statement -- but I had to cover them over...”

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North Shore Animal League

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“You have won a prize in our sweepstakes.

Image of winning sticker

“...My name is Mary Walsh and I am a member of the Sweepstakes Award Committee. It is part of my job to help award the prizes that will be given away in the Lucky Streak Sweepstakes.

“The reason I am writing to you today is that our records indicate that you are one of our winners in the Lucky Streak Sweepstakes from Your_State.

“Arrangements have already been made to deliver your prize to Your_address. But in order to release it, we need to hear from you right away...”

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“Passionist Missionaries

Image of Passionist Missionaries Lottery Announcement
May the Passion of Christ Be Always in Our Hearts

“As we get closer to the holiday season, particularly the celebration of Thanksgiving, I want to invite you to participate in our THANKSGIVING SWEEPSTAKES DRAWING.

“Many of our friends have participated and tell us that extra spending money at this time of year is very helpful. The Grand Prize is $2,500, so I urge you to return your tickets right away in order to qualify for the Grand Prize Drawing on November 19 with an “Early Bird” drawing on November 14.

“You do not have to send a gift in order to qualify, but I hope that you will...”

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Image of confirmed amount of sweepstakes


“Note: your reply is verification that your Identity Record (per name and address as shown herein) is correct and shall be enacted upon by our administrative offices upon our prompt receipt of the completed Document Request Voucher (Form 8250) enclosed with this correspondence. For further reference your I.D. Number is 51060695.

“...please respond without delay! S.A.A. conducts research, data procurement and analysis, that provides our newsletter subscribers independent access to entry details and their eligibility for known CASH and PRIZE win opportunities...”

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“...Upon learning that last months winner threw away $10.000.00 simply by failing to respond. I was astounded surprised and shocked that the person holding the WINNING NUMBER failed to collect their winnings.

“When you think about how easy it is to reply (all you need is a stamp), I really can’t understand why anyone (and I mean you) would pass up a chance to win $10,000.00. *** TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! ***


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