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A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (6 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Sweepstakes Clearinghouse”

Please remember, the images below are from the SCAM letter of “Sweepstakes Clearinghouse” _not_ by mailscamalert.com.

a division of Allied Marketing Group, Inc.
Image of Sweepstakes Clearinghouse logo Image of letter header Image of gold watches

This is the one that started the investigation by the Dallas, TX BBB! It’s the “National Reference Price” that should cause you to stop and think about what the Sweepstakes Clearinghouse is and how they operate. The first clue that something is amiss is the name; Sweepstakes Clearinghouse. Who are they? What sweepstakes did you enter that might have been associated with them? Did you even enter any sweepstakes?!

The second clue is the time-limited ‘vouchers.’ The standard operating behavior of almost all SCAMs is to limit your time to investigate or consult anyone about the SCAM. What is the rush? They even have a ‘Lay-a-Way’ plan, so they must plan on being around for some time while they store your product. It goes back to the “act before you think” scheme; start sending some money, even a small amount and you’ll not be likely to quit until you pay off the balance! By the way, be sure to read the ‘fine print’ in the ‘Lay-a-Way’ plan. You will pay at least $1 for each month for each item you purchase in this manner! That could easily be $36 per year, just to hope they will still be around when you finally pay off the balance!

Last, but not least, note that very few of the items have brand names you might have heard of. This makes comparing the prices even harder if not completely impossible! Even an Internet search will show that other people are also interested in this ‘brand,’ mainly to find out who really makes them!

Here are a couple of links to the Dallas, TX BBB report about Sweepstakes Clearinghouse and who they actually are (a division of Allied Marketing Group, Inc.).

Click on one of the small images below to see a larger version and any information I was able to find on it.

Image of luggage set Image of bike set Image of laptop Image of all-in-one computer Image of printer_and_camera Image of 42inch TV Image of security system Image of 5-in-1 cordless tool Image of 1,501 tool set Image of 3300 Watt generator
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