MLM & Pyramid SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a SCAM letter sent by: “Bernard A. Dukes”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of the “Bernard A. Dukes” _not_ by

“American Prosperity Systems

“Just $25.00 Per Month Starts A Business
“That Can Make You A Millionaire!”

“We Are About To Launch Our New System, Join Now
“And Be Positioned To Profit Like Crazy!

“Plus, You Never Have To Sell or talk to anyone EVER!, My systems extend my ability to sell for you and puts commissions in your pocket month after month after month!

“First, I Need to Know...Are You Ready For A Money Miracle?

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  1. “Only $25.00 per month (Value when you need it most)
  2. “30 day Full money back guarantee!
  3. “Irresistible and controversial offer that gets people[sic] attention!
  4. 80% Payout! Highest in the Industry EVER!!
  5. “Dynamic compensation plan that builds 5 different residual income streams!
  6. “Technology that builds your business whether you own a computer or not.
  7. “Funny, timely, controversial products that make you money!
  8. “Information that helps you be a better advertiser, marketer and business person regardless of your current business, service or opportunity! (My American Prosperity newsletter delivers great business and wealth building lessons each month that are proven successful and guaranteed to work.)
  9. “5X5 Forced matrix! Delivers Real “Spillover Matrix Building”
  10. “$10.00 per sale comes directly to you every month!
  11. “Another $10.00 from every sale goes into our 5x5 Forced Matrix that pays up to $7035.00 per month (I have “Big-Time Marketers” just waiting for their new website)
  12. “Perpetual Leverage, You make one sale and it pays you again and again...

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of the “Bernard A. Dukes” _not_ by

“‘Thanks for introducing me to your American Prosperity System. This program is AWESOME! I made $600.00 in my first two weeks in the program. This is truly a business opportunity that everyone can be hugely successful at.’ Glenn Beverly Lewisville, TX

“‘Hey Chris, thanks for this great opportunity for making money. My first month I made $600 more than any company I’ve been with before.’ Victoria Usher

“‘$1200.00 in just 15 days and lot’s more on the horizon! Keep up the fantastic work!’ Al Turner, CA

“Visit my site today! (877) 877-688-6817 Promo Code 46WDTN

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checkbox Yes! Sign Me Up Today for only $25.00 per month! (Plus Free Bonus Gift)

Upon acceptance you will receive my entire system and all future additions to my auto-pilot marketing system and monthly newsletter. Plus...

‘I personally want you to know that I take the commitment you make here today very seriously. Your success is truly connected to mine and together we can make a big difference in not only your prosperity but that of many! We are doing work that is worth doing because it’s real, honest and loaded with great American value!’ And...

You can get more than one position right now! Each extra position can pay you up to $7035.00 Per MONTH! Plus, your extra positions will be purchased from yourself so you get $10.00 back every month for your extra positions! How many positions do you want total? _______________ (Each position will be charged $25.00 per month)

Remember, You Do Not Need A Computer To Make Loads Of Cash Every Month

“1. I am paying by (ACH) auto-Check draft. Our fully automated system will deduct $25.00 per month from your checking account and pay you commissions directly into your checking account.

“Routing number ____________________ Checking account number _______________

“Name of your bank: _____________________________________________

“2. I am paying by Credit or Debit Card

“Card: Visa ___ MasterCard ___ Discover ___ American Express ___

“Signature __________________________________________________

“(By signing here, you are agreeing to our terms and agreements. Reverse)

We need some information so we can set up your American Prosperity Systems account:

Your password will be? _________________________ (6 alpha or numeric)

Your username will be _________________________ (6 alpha or numeric)

Your website: must be at least 3 letters or numbers between the dots/periods. (fill in below)

Thank You For Your Order! Fax to: 316-838-5353 or mail to:

American Prosperity Systems    2020 W. 21st St. #96    Wichita, KS 87203

Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter of the “Bernard A. Dukes” _not_ by

I’m just a little confused by the comment “you never have to sell or talk to anyone EVER!” I notice in the 12 point list there are five uses of the words, “sale,” “offer” and “product.” There is also mention of how to improve your advertising and marketing. All those terms imply, rather strongly, in my opinion, that there is definitely selling involved! Of course, the main “sale,” in this SCAM is convincing the “buyer” (you) to pay $25 per month!

You should probably set aside a good percentage of any “profits” you make, also. This is a basic Pyramid Scheme, thus, you can be prosecuted as a co-conspirator when the local prosecutor or a lawsuit shuts it down.

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