Psychics SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (5 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Sister Cartier”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of “Sister Cartier” _not_ by


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Be warned, First_Name. Very real images of your future have been revealed in my holy crystal. I have seen you in pain on August 24th. A tragedy will occur if I do not intervene!

Red Flag  # 1  “I‘ve taken a vow to help you, First_Name.

“This vision of you in pain reduced me to tears.

“My crystal began to glow a golden light and in this light you appeared. You are a true vision of caring and consideration. I saw your true unselfish nature. I saw how children and animals are drawn to you. I shared your life force and I felt warm, content and I wanted to be your friend.

“Then the golden light began to turn red, then black, then a swirling mixture of the two. When you appeared again, I saw you distraught, in pain, full of worry and consumed in sadness. This vision came on me so fast that my breath was taken. I composed myself and returned to the vision. What I saw was very clear and definite. Without my intervention, you will find yourself in this desperate condition on August 24th.

“As disturbing as this is, please accept my assurance that I will protect you from the horrors I witnessed in the holy crystal. The fact is, I have already begun taking steps to make certain that you are filled with joy, not sadness when this day comes. Please rest easy, First_Name. My gift is a blessing not a curse because I have the absolute power to take away the pain and misery revealed to me through these visions.

“Later in this letter, I will speak more of what I am doing to turn your pain into joy on August 24th. However, I have many other things to share with you first, I stayed with the visions of you in the crystal for nearly an hour.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Sister Cartier” _not_ by

“These are 5 crystal clear facts concerning your future that I know to be true:

Red Flag  # 2  “Crystal Vision Fact #1: You are going to live a very long life, First_Name. Amazingly, you will celebrate your 100th birthday and blow out your own candles. Like crystals, humans radiate a cosmic life force from our bodies. I have seen yours being strong and healthy on your 100th birthday.

“Crystal Vision Fact #2: 5 tremendous miracles are at hand in the next 8 months that will bring you prosperity and fill your life with more wealth than you ever dreamed possible. You can experience these miracles on September 26th, October 16th, November 7th, January 19th, the enormous one that sets you for life on February 14th and the final one just a few weeks later on February 27th.

“Crystal Vision Fact #3- You are going to be a hero on the 26th of October. As a result, you will be in the newspaper. For a few weeks after, you are going to feel like a celebrity. At the time, it will seem like no big deal to you.

“Crystal Vision Fact #4: A minor mishap occurs on the 17th of October. I could prevent this but I won‘t. Here is why, while the accident is of no consequence, you will meet someone as a result who will become a very important part of the rest of your life.

“Crystal Vision pact #5: Because of your new found prosperity, many investment opportunities will be presented to you next April. On the 11th of the month, a contract will be presented to you. There will be deception involved. Clause 16 appeared to be the problem. Have a competent real estate attorney review this contract before signing and be certain that you are indeed signing the exact contract reviewed by your attorney.”

“First_Name, I don‘t need to tell you how very important the information contained in this reading is to your future. I know things you cannot possibly know concerning your future because I have already witnessed these events taking place.

“I am known as the Grand Mistress of Crystalomancy[sic]. I use my vast powers to solve problems others have conceded are unsolvable. Many times, I am a person‘s last and only hope. After all others have given up and abandoned you, I take up your cause and instantly solve your problems. I have heard others say that they never fail. I don‘t just say it. I truly never fail anyone once I have taken on their cause. Day in and day out, joyous people just like yourself, First_Name, tell me that I have saved their lives.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Sister Cartier” _not_ by

“Crystal psychics as a group are known for their fast acting results. Instant miracles are what I am famous for. Miracles flash in my holy crystal and then instantly materialize. Others witness this feat and are left breathless. By using all my instant miraculous powers, I not only will solve all your problems, First_Name, I will solve most of them in less than 48 hours!

Red Flag  # 3  “Because I have seen the effects of financial burdens on you, I am going to make the first miracle I tend to a prosperity miracle in your case, First_Name. My mystical powers in the wealth arena are enormous and well honed. Crystal power is synonymous with wealth acquisition, financial power and unlimited abundance. You can read it in the Bible and it still holds true to this day.”

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Red Flag  # 4  “I am also sending you an extremely powerful and valuable personal gift to make certain that every single miracle takes place exactly as I have seen! Perhaps you have read about the miracle crystals recently discovered in Peru known as ‘Angelitso. They are exceedingly rare, vastly powerful and unique among magic crystals. (I have enclosed a gift certificate describing your crystals immense powers.) These amazing miraculous crystals were placed here on earth by God himself. They work as beacons between special individuals, like you First_Name, and magnificent holy angels who deliver miracles upon their wings. I knew that I had discovered your special Angelite Crystal when I held it in my hand and it glowed a brilliant blue light. I will carefully wrap your Angelite Crystal and deliver it with your Crystal Vision Reading.

“First_Name, I need you to work with me now. Find the enclosed photograph of my psychic crystal. The photograph itself is psychically charged. Please follow the simple instructions written on the back of this photograph and then keep the photograph in a safe place for 10 days while I am completing your Crystal Vision Reading and all the accompanying crystal magic work. If you follow these simple instructions we can be certain that everything is going to work out exactly as I have described.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Sister Cartier” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 5  “I want to get your Crystal Vision Reading to you as soon as possible, First_Name, so please do this today. I need you to return the acknowledgment at the bottom of this letter with a crystal love offering of $25. The moment that I receive this, I will put the finishing touches on your Crystal Vision Reading, complete all the crystal magic work you require and carefully pack your Angelite Crystal for immediate shipment. I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience so please act now.

With Crystal Love, Sister Cartier”

Red Flag  # 1  Thus begins the well-worn attempt to commend the recipient and convince you that you are special. Also an effort to convince you that this “psychic” can actually know anything about you other than the name and address found on the mailing list that includes that information! Note that none of the claims about your condition are specific. Even though she claims to see you in “pain and misery”, she does not claim that is your current condition, only something at some future time.

What is most disturbing is that this “psychic” claims she has the power to prevent all future problems and yet she will later ask for money from you to use those “powers”! How much more do you need to know about a person than their true concern is taking your money? If someone claimed they could do something for me, I’d first want to see some evidence of their work; be that a plumber or a “psychic”! (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  We are presented with a list of five “Facts”. However, calling something a “fact” does not automatically make it one. Look up the word in any dictionary. The word basically means ‘truth’. Something that can be verified, proven, confirmed by witnesses. Of course, this “psychic” will try to convince you that these are “Crystal Vision Facts”, not those things we call ‘truth’.
Remember that this letter, like most of the ones on this site, were found after the death of my aunt. While this “psychic” claims to know that my aunt would “blow [her] own candles” on her 100th birthday, my aunt died considerably before that age; she was only 92.

I won’t go into detail about all the “facts” in the list, but I do wonder about how this “psychic” counts! She says there will be “5 tremendous miracles” in the coming months (see “Crystal Vision Fact #2”). That’s fine, but which one is not miraculous? I ask because she then lists not five but six specific dates when those miracles will occur. So, which is it, five or six? Or is it pure “psychic” blarney? (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  Of course, she doesn‘t bother to let us know what any particular book, chapter or verse she might be referring to, much less what translation she found that claim. This is the basis for many false prophets and misleading preaching in this day and time. Nothing I can find in the Christian Bible promises a life of ease or even one without financial problems. Perhaps “Sister” should read I Timothy 6:5 and especially v.10? Or Matthew 6:24? When Jesus speaks of supplying all that we “need”, the emphasis is on the need, not on what we may want! Those are two very different things! The majority of the SCAMs on this site emphasize only the material needs you might have and especially on the material greed that is in all men.

Don‘t let this SCAMmer misuse of the Bible and the term “Sister” confuse you! This self-named “Sister” is no more than a simple SCAMmer trying to take your money for their use, not yours! (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  “Sister Cartier” calls upon the name of God by saying He placed ‘magic crystals’ on the Earth. Why are these ‘magic crystals’ never mentioned in any scripture? Even more curious, why is this total stranger and unknown person, the so-called “Sister Cartier”, expecting us to believe she knows anything about those crystals! It‘s just the standard SCAM/con-artist approach; we are always asked to suspend any doubts or questions and believe everything we are being told. (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 5  “Sister Cartier” cannot seem to use her “crystal vision” powers to support herself! She very much needs you to send her $25. And that money is not tax deductable, of course. As a matter of fact, she doesn‘t even make any bogus guarantee about returning your money! That‘s because she is calling that money “love offering.” Since it is an offering, it is simply a gift, there is no way you can ask for it to be returned as you could if it were a payment for some kind of service or product. (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

Of course, “Sister Cartier” definitely wants us to not forget to send her our $25! We are reminded to do that immediately! That’s the standard “act-now-without-consulting-any-friends-or-family” demand. “Sister Cartier” needs that money to put the “finishing touches on your Crystal Vision Reading” and all the other ‘work’ she will perform on our behalf. She even includes a self-addressed for us to use. Note that she did not supply any postage. If she had, we could mark out her address and use the envelope to send the letter with a Fraud Complaint Form to the United States Postal Service or some of the other agencies listed below!

I can‘t end this page without displaying one of the most unbelievable and amazing parts of the “hand-written” note from “Sister Cartier‘s” letter. Here is an computer scanned image of the note:

First, you can see, even on this small image, that the “writing” is nothing more than a computer font that mimics the look of hand-writing. Look closely at the letter “I” or the letter “p” (I‘ve marked most of them with small blue and red ) dots. You can easily see that every one of them is exactly alike. The same can be seen for any other character. The reason is because they are not actual hand-writing, they are simply a ‘hand-writing’ font used on the computer which created the letter. Here are a few of sites offering these kinds of fonts for use on your own computer!

As I‘ve said in many other places on this site, these letters are no more personal than the ads you see on TV. They are created with the help of a computer and are then printed by the thousands and use purchased mailing lists to get to your mailbox. Your name is simply inserted when the letter is created by the word processor. It is so easy to do with a computer that anyone can do it. Don‘t let the fake “hand-writing” fool you. There are literally thousands of “hand-writing” fonts that can be installed on practically any computer. Just use your own eyes to “see” the fraud! Of course, a good magnifying glass might be helpful.

The point is, these people will stoop to any ‘trick’ they can find to make you think they are offering something just for you from someone who really has your interests at heart. Think about it, if these people were as powerful and capable as they say, they could erase all the problems in your world! The truth is, the only interest they have in you is the interest they can earn on the money you send them!

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