Psychics SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (4 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Angeles d’Marco”

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angeles d’Marco” _not_ by

“Psychic, Numerologist, and Astrologer.


Red Flag  # 2  “Urgent: This matter must be dealt with before August 10

“Before you do anything write down these days:
Aug 10, 16, 25, Sep 01, 07, 12”

Red Flag  # 3 Listen to me! You are about to come into a two-month period with incredible potential for vast surprises. Major wealth, good fortune in love, the end of health worries are just three of the possibilities I see for you! The days listed above are of extreme importance to you!

My staff has just given me your name as someone whose numerological chart (based upon the letters in your name) enables me to make this forecast for you! I am Angeles d’Marco, a psychic, numerologist, and astrologer. With my staff, we can tell you everything.

I see money awaiting you, but there is an urgency that troubles me. And I see someone (maybe two people) making trouble for you! I will tell you what you must do!

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angeles d’Marcoe” _not_ by

You MUST read the special Report I have prepared for you. It is ready to be sent to you.

Red Flag  # 4 Its contents will shock and amaze you. But more important, it will give you the information you need to make some wonderful changes in your life. Get rid of that bad luck! All I ask is $10.00 to cover my costs in preparing this report and sending it to you.

Make check or money order payable to:
Astro-Numeric Research, 1234 Santa Monica Blvd #109-xxx, Los Angeles CA 90xxx

Your Report is ready. Please act at once. August 10 is just a few days away.

Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter of “Angeles d’Marcoe” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 1  The second worst thing to sending money to a SCAM is to reply in any way. Doing so will verify that your name and address are not only correct, but that you are a living person. Not only are you alive, you are someone who actually thinks a SCAM letter is worth reading! You becomes very important person to the SCAMmer because you are marked as a very good prospect for being SCAMmed! (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  Without wasting any time, this SCAMmer, again, tries to convince you that your immediate response is needed. Any delay can only cause fear and trepidation in the heart of the SCAMmer! It means you may be consulting with trusted friends and or family about the SCAM attempt! That means it is highly likely that you will recognize the SCAM for what it really is; an attempt to take your money for no useful purpose! (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3 Remember two important facts about what every SCAMmer will describe what will happen to you.

First, there will always be a word or two that will be a disclaimer; words such as “may” or “possible” or “potentially”. This simply means that the SCAMmer doesn’t really know that anything will happen to you, good or bad! They will simply claim that anything good will be due to their so-called “powers”.

Second, every SCAMmer will list things that would make anyone happy. You will be told things such as “wealth”, “romance”, “better health”, “guaranteed” contest winnings and anything else you would want will be provided, if you would just send some money. This SCAMmer is no different!

And why is all this going to happen? Because of the “letters in your name”! I suppose one reason for such an outlandish claim is because this SCAM is so cheap that it is printed on a single, small postcard instead of a ‘letter’. As a matter of fact, this is one of the cheapest attempts to extract your hard-earned money I have ever seen. You are not even provided with a self-addressed envelope! (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  True to all SCAMs, you are asked to send money (in your own envelope, of course). This is the true and only valid statement in the SCAMs on my site; they want your money, preferably immediately! (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

The only reason I have only four red flags for this SCAM is because it is so short; it’s only a postcard!

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