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Quotations from a (11 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Maria Duval II”

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“Worksheet explanation?”

2013 Worksheet, page 1

Notice that we are never told how this magic, “golden number“ is determined. The chart has columns with supposedly astrological symbols. However, there are only six rows, again with duplicates of those symbols. We aren’t even told why there are ten columns and five rows or why these particular symbols are used. I suppose we aren’t to be told these things because we are not “psychic?” Further kept from us are the numbers written on the chart. You don’t think that MS. Duval already knew which numbers to put in each location, do you?! I suspect that she just likes the number three. Otherwise, she could have put whatever number she wanted in place of the three and changed the “golden number“ to that. How would we ever know? It is simply a meaningless chart with random numbers inserted anywhere she wanted. The only point of the chart is to show that there are seven places where that “golden number“ appears. She then jumps to the conclusion that any date that mathematically added to seven is an important date.

Are those dates really important? Remember, you can usually get just about any number want at least twice in any month using her “math.” I explained that back on page 4. By the way, notice that every single instance of the numerals is exactly the same, that is simply another indication that they are not hand-written, they are just what the font used displays. The only reason they don’t line up as they would on a typewriter or even a word processor is that the whole page is designed in a graphics editor; a ‘typed’ letter or number can be placed anywhere one might want.

Please do not forget the warning I mentioned on the Order Form page. Specifically, the last line of that very tiny text: “...WE ARE NOT BOUND BY ANY GUARANTEE OF RESULTS.”

(continued on page 12)

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