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A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (11 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Maria Duval II”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of “Maria Duval” _not_ by

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“December 2013 with its tenth TRIPLE 777 to finish the year in beauty and have the best holiday season you’ve ever had in your entire life.

Triple 777 for Christmas

“December 7, 2013 = 12/07/2013 = 1+2+0+7+2+0+1+3 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

“December 16, 2013 = 12/16/2013 = 1+2+1+6+2+0+1+3 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

“December 25, 2013 = 12/25/2013 = 1+2+2+5+2+0+1+3 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

“Believe me First_Name, you should now be leaving a difficult cycle of iife behind you and enter into a happy cycle.

“If you follow exactly what to do during these 38 dates where the number 7 is obviously "hidden", your future is going to be nothing like your life today. It is going to be totally new, and it’s entirely up to you not to miss this unique opportunity to change your existence.

Fact Number 4: And here’s more about Fact Number 4 which mentioned to you two minutes ago. There’s a 39th lucky date during which you also have to follow my advice, and it is, of course, your ASTROLOGICAL DATE, I mean here the date of your BIRTHDAY, First_Name. That date is extremely important for you and your future.

Please remember, these quotations are from the SCAM letter of “Maria Duval” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 5 Fact Number 5: Plus, there are also 22 other very important dates which I’m going to reveal to you in the report that I’m going to prepare for you (but I can already tell you that 2 of these dates are related to a Friday the 13th, 8 of them are related to 8 Full Moons (which are different than the ones I already indicated to you above) and 12 of these dates are related to Black Moons, which make a total of 61 very important dates for you in 2013, First_Name (the 38 dates detailed above, plus your birthday, plus the 22 dates I just indicated to you, equal a total of 61 dates with opportunites[SIC] for you to seize in each area).

First_Name, here is what’s going to happen to you in concrete terms:

“Already, the RARE presence of this Luminous Wave is creating little ripples of energy that are starting to cross your astral chart. This is a unique opportunity to get rid of all the oppressive, negative energies that have been weighing you down for so long.

“Even if you think you were born under an unlucky star, this is your opportunity to sweep those negative waves out of your life, your chance to wipe the slate clean. You can do it. And the time is now or never.

“First_Name, I am going to help you, by sending you a very special gift… for free. Here it is:

“To make sure that you are going to benefit from this luminous wave of luck, I’ve decided to offer to you my personal Biomagnetic Bracelet to maximize your chances to realize all your most important wishes in 2013. This magnificent piece of jewelry has 6 very powerful magnets and is set with 6 clear and sparkling crystals to attract luck to you. I only have a very limited number of them, but if you send me your form as quickly as possible, I’m going to be able to put…”

Red Flag  # 5  If you did not read the other page I have for this SCAMmer, you may not know what she is talking about when she mentions these “Black Moons”. That’s not unexpected, since there are no such things as “Black Moons”. On that other page, she ‘wrote’ that “a Black Moon is [...] when the moon is hidden by the shadow of the Earth?!” She also claims “there are 13 each year”. Perhaps “Ms. Duval” is still confusing the rare 13 occurrences of a “new” moon in one year. There is the number “13”, but in a slightly different color and the moon is never “hidden”, of course! (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

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