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Quotations from a (11 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Maria Duval II”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of “Maria Duval” _not_ by

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“…any circumstances, allow them to escape. But let me reassure you - thanks to your Golden Predictions For The Year 2013, nothing or no one is going to be able to get in the way.

“One more last thing, First_Name... I was about to seal your envelope, when I had the idea of consulting my pendulum.

“Here are the answers: For the important encounter for your life that see happening on February 8th 2013, it’s a “YES”. There could be a slight delay (maybe on February 17th or the 26th), but it should still occur by the end of February.

“For the deadlocked situation that should be resolved in your favor, it’s a definite "YES", so this is going to happen without keeping you waiting.

“As far as the money’s concerned, my pendulum swung round 7 times, almost horizontally! This means a clear and emphatic “YES", without a shadow of a doubt.

“I am now certain that in 2013 you are going to have exactly the kind of chances (marked, of course, by the TRIPLE 777 or the QUADRUPLE 7777) that could enable you to win many sums of hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars - or even much more - at bingo, at the lottery, at the casino and at other games of ”chance", if you use exactly the right numbers at precisely the right time that indicate to you in detail.

You might win even more!

Please remember, these quotations are from the SCAM letter of “Maria Duval” _not_ by

“You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to suddenly change your life, because you’re unlikely to get another one. So why on earth refuse this friendly help that I’d like you to benefit from in 2013? Especially as I’m taking all the risks, while you take none.

Red Flag  # 8  “I’ll simply ask you to send me an immediate reply, without any delay. It’s the most important thing you will have done to enable you to embark on a new and brighter life in 2013.

“Sorry to be so insistent, First_Name, but it’s my job to help, and I want you to be the first to thank me very soon.

“PPS: Also, if you answer by Midnight this coming Sunday, I would like to offer you another very precious gift: A One Full Carat genuine Sapphire Jewelry set with pendant and matching earrings. Each one of the 3 genuine Moonlight Blue Sapphires on this set has been extracted from the Ilaka sapphire mines in Madagascar, meticulously cut into an oval shape, and then has been fully faceted and delicately hand polished before being precisely mounted. Your genuine Moonlight Blue Sapphire set is delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity. A precious gift that I’m happy to offer you and that you are going to really appreciate... or be proud to offer to someone you love.

First_Name, your Special Lucky Form is on the next page!

Lucky Form

Red Flag  # 8  Here is the beginning of several attempts to get you to “act immediately without consulting friends or family”. A standard part of every SCAM on this site. (return to # 8 Red Flag above)

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