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Psychic SCAMs

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By far the biggest category on this site. This is the most widely used type of SCAM no matter how it is delivered. Everyone wants to believe there is something outside of themselves that is in control of their lives. Apparently, the more outlandish that thing is, the more people will believe in it. The fact that there are never any factual reports or witnesses concerning the “miracles” or “powers” supposedly possessed by these psychics, mentalists and astrologers, seems to be of no concern to those whose insist on sending them money.

A few of the common properties of these SCAMmers and fraudsters is the total lack of factual data to prove anything they promise; the complete lack of factual data the “reveal” about the recipient; always a promise of a 100% refund and the statement that your money is to be considered as a “Gift” or “Donation,” never a payment!

Please remember, all the quotations below are from the SCAM letters _not_ by


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Reprint from FREE /Australia

Supposed image of Anatasia

“...I bring people happiness, good health and prosperity!” Anastasia - a name which captures the interest of the whole world with bated breath! The young fortune-teller belongs amongst the greatest of her ilk. As the daughter of an Arabian princess and a Spanish nobleman, Anastasia, born 24th December 1970, has been a distinguished personality for years. For the first time in 1992, she has since then been honored for her success in fortune-telling, astrology and counseling up until now 112 times. She is the only honorary member of the secret and over 360-year-old Royal Academy of Astrology and Esoteric... It is my unique task to devote myself to serving people!...”

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Madame Avalon

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Image of Avalon card insert

“...I fought back tears as I learned of your pain.

You are so kind, so intelligent, and so considerate. Your suffering must end immediately. Otherwise, how can I go another day living as a miracle worker? If I do not solve your problems my soul will be desolate.

There is not a day to waste. First_Name, I fear that September 17th will bring sorrow if we do not act. I will explain everything in this letter...”

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Antonia Bernadette

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Supposed image of Antonia Bernadette

“...You often receive letters from astrologists or clairvoyants. This I know.

It is for this reason that at this point I ask you to read this letter very, very carefully, because it is not an advertising or sales letter, but points out something that for you can at last be a really great turning point in your life.

I would like to tell you something that I am sure will interest you a very, very great deal and which can be of great, yes even of the very greatest importance for you:

This October 2011 is a special month in which clairvoyants, astrologists and fortune-tellers from America and Europe are meeting together at a great and unique festival. It is a meeting at which great decisions are to be made and at the same time unique rituals and seances will be taking place about which I will be telling you more right away...”

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Sister Cartier

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Be warned, First_Name. Very real
images of your future have been
revealed in my holy crystal. I
have seen you in pain on August 24th.
A tragedy will occur if I do not

I am known as the Grand Mistress of Crystalomancy[sic]. I use my vast powers to solve problems others have conceded are unsolvable. Many times, I am a person‘s last and only hope. After all others have given up and abandoned you, I take up your cause and instantly solve your problems. I have heard others say that they never fail. I don‘t just say it. I truly never fail anyone once I have taken on their cause. Day in and day out, joyous people just like yourself, First_Name, tell me that I have saved their lives.”

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Lady Charlemagne

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Image of Charlemagne Note

“...I have magnificent, spectacular things to tell you. Block out everything but this letter. Take the time to sit down, right now, and to read this communication without interruption...for you may be on the verge of a major BREAKTHROUGH with respect to your financial situation.


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Angeles  d’Marco

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Front of post card:


Urgent: This matter must be dealt with before August 10

Back of post card:

Before you do anything Aug 10, 16, 25 write down these days: Sep 01, 07, 12

Listen to me! You are about to come into a two-month period with incredible potential for vast surprises. Major wealth, good fortune in love, the end of health worries are just three of the possibilities I see for you! The days listed above are of extreme importance to you!...”

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Marie de Fortune

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Supposed image of Marie de Fortune
Image of hand-written message

“...Dear First_Name Last_Name, danger is approaching rapidly!

Do not take it lightly, dear First_Name Last_Name. It sent shivers down my spine as well. But you can be reassured that I will protect you from the danger menacing you on August 30 if you follow my instructions.

Please read my letter very carefully...”

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Georges Martin de Montreux

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Supposed image of Georges Martin de Montreux

“...A famous prophecy announces SUBLIME SUCCESS for you
We must act quickly in order to catch the
announced date - July 2nd,
There are no doubts - on July 2nd next,
your Destiny is to live a life of Fortune.

Mrs. Last_Name,
at this moment I am by your side even

though you do not know it:
you are immensely RICH!...”

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Maria Duval

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Supposed image of Duval

image of 'hand-written' note

The first thing I want to do for you is to do everything I can to have you win the sum of $25,000.00 immediately!

I know that this sum of money may not be quite enough, which is why I am asking you to please tell me the exact sum of money you need on the special form attached to this letter BEFORE July 21, 2011!

My dear First_Name,

In just a few days, on the night of July 30, 2011 to be exact, something very special is going to happen...”

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Maria Duval II

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Supposed image of Duval

Triple and Quadruple chances

“If, as I saw, starting on January 9th, you start receiving many checks of several hundreds of dollars, plus several checks of several thousands of dollars totalling[SIC] an amount of up to several tens of thousands of dollars, or even much more, throughout 2013, you’ll be happy to thank me on Christmas day, on December 25th, 2013.”

This package from “Maria Duval” is so massive I have decided to break it up into several pages.

MS. Duval has come up with a new method of convincing you that she has a knowledge of what will happen to you in 2013. She still has no idea of the basic information about you might be; she still asks you to tell her your birthday! But she still claims to know about a secret “Golden Number” that is found in some super-simple addition that is pure malarky!

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Supposed image of Antonia Bernadette

“Please, I know that you often receive mail from my colleagues. I would now therefore like to tell you directly that I am writing to you today for a very personal reason. This letter is not a sales letter, and I do not have a special astrological or mediumistic message for you today either. It is about something entirely different: A notification arrived here for you today!

This notification refers to a very special document, which was deposited for you with the Mediumistic-Astrological Circle.

First_Name, for many years you have been longing for help and seeking contact with astrologers, mediums and fortune-tellers. The Senate of Spiritual Guardians has of course known this for a long time and you therefore also belong amongst those for whom the Spiritual Guardians take the ascetic life upon themselves.

And now the time has come: One of their Cloths of Fate has also been made for and designated to be sent to you! Such a special document is received by only a few people, and this also happens just once in a person’s life.

PS: I do not yet know the content of your Cloth of Fate… it is almost always about the fulfillment of a person’s deep as yet unfulfilled wishes. Thus, whatever your innermost desire may be, it will probably be about this! It is up to you for this desire to become a reality!”

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Vivian Hart

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Psychic and Prophetess Of Stars, Tarot Master, Spiritual Visionary and Future Reader, Written, beginning-2:19 a.m.

written word 'Important'

“...Regarding intense visions, tarot-interpretive premonitions ...BIG... RUSHING FORTH!!)

I am getting jolting images of what may be staggering Prosperity-Breakthroughs just ahead. Read this letter and be prepared to do exactly as I say!...



Dear First_Name Last_Name,

First and foremost, listen carefully. Concentrate. Take this letter to a private place of reading, and draw closer immediately... IMMEDIATELY! I HAVE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOU TO FOLLOW...”

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J. B. Haslett

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag


“...Because what you are about to read must be kept in strict confidence October 28.
Let me tell you why.

This letter is PRIVATE and is not to be shown to ANYONE, not even your closest friends or relatives until you have received the urgent message that I have waiting for you on my desk!...”

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Rachael Hughes

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Psychic Regressionist - Explorer Of Past Lives - Paranormal Investigator

“...Urgent Message From A Past Life!

YOUR OWN Past Life!

The YOU that lived in the 19th century is reaching out with...



This may be the most incredible letter you have ever received. How so? Because the source of this message is more a part of you than you may ever have dreamed could be possible...”

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Meredith Lane

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Supposed image of Meredith Lane

Initial Consultation

“...Dear First_Name,

Thank you for your recent inquiry and expression of confidence. I could feel the urgency you expressed was sincere, so I put my other work aside and went straight to work on your case. Here is what I have found.

Oh, but first First_Name, let me say this. I’m not going to ask you for any money for this work. I’m strangely drawn to you, like we have shared something in the past. Kindred spirits if you will. Maybe that’s why you contacted me to begin with...”

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Jean Mars

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Astrologer • Numerologist

Supposed image of Jean Mars

“...I believe I was summoned as a Magi, to help guide during this difficult time and here’s why...

Intrigued, I discovered that 3 forces were starting to converge. This trinity of forces is known as an “Ultra Enriching Environment” which could affect entire lives, in the most miraculous ways, starting on December 13th...”

image of note
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Dr. Madison Price

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

World Renown Parapsychologist - Psychic to the Royales - Millionaire Maker

Supposed image of Madison Price

“...I know you, First_Name. I won’t waste your time.

You owe me nothing for this in depth reading. I have performed it for you because we share a common friend. Though I am known as the Millionaire’s Secret Weapon, this in-depth consultation is my gift to you.

Facts you should know, First_Name. I’m the most impartially validated and supernaturally powerful psychic in the Western Hemisphere. I alone control a handful of ancient powers that have been hidden for centuries. I am ferocious in the aggressive application of these powers to secure instant wealth, love, and good fortune for my clients. Please examine this reading in its entirety, First_Name. Your reading contains 14 dramatic secrets!

Secret #1- Your numbers for the week of June 10th, 2011.


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Sister Sedona

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

Lost Cause Specialist - Proven Results - Certified Miracle Worker

Supposed image of Sister Sedona

“...You’re in serious trouble First_Name,

Tuesday night I heard you scream for help. I felt your loneliness, heartache, and despair. Most of all, I felt your worry and frustration. Then the Archangel Michael grabbed me and said out loud, “First_Name Last_Name needs a miracle!”

So here I am, Sister Sedona, the one true miracle worker that does what others claim. I pray for you and my prayers are answered. ALWAYS ANSWERED! I see visions of your future and my visions come true. ALWAYS COME TRUE!

Supposed image of Sister Sedona

I won’t fail you. I am not like those others. I’ve never failed anyone and I’m not about to start now. Prepare yourself, First_Name Last_Name! Prepare yourself for miracles because they’re coming and coming fast. Instant miracles. Life changing miracles. Your wish is my command, miracles. Give me your hand right now, First_Name, and let’s do this once and for all.

It’s no wonder others have failed you so miserably. Your case is serious business. One of the more difficult I’ve seen in the last 3 years. I’m surprised it took this long for you to get to me. I am the savior of lost causes. The more difficult, overwhelming and seemingly unsolvable a case, the more I enjoy it. That’s because I never fail. I win. Big problems, small problems it just don’t matter. 36 hours is all I need...”

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Angela Summers

Psychic Prophecy and Spiritual Guidance Paramystic Interpretor and Visionary
Image of Projection Chart

“...You’re in serious trouble First_Name,

Please listen carefully. The next twelve weeks could be the most import ant period in your life. By the end of this winter, no later, I want to see you rich. Possessing VAST and sustained wealth.

Being comfortable beyond your wildest dreams!

Having the means, in every which way, to do exactly as you please. Whatever you want, whenever you in, day out!

Now, let me tell you howl have come to write to you. First though, before I do, let me say in terms of what I see happening, concerning special opportunities for CASH and REAL MONEY attainment (accumulating as much as $5,000.000.00) — please keep this letter very private. Very confidential!! The outline of events forthcoming and taking shape, already...are overwhelmingly positive. What I sense from deep paramystical signals, from reading certain “telepathic signs” — makes me tremble with excitement for you.

First_Name, you should know...I am reaching out to you now at a moment of tremendous universal energy. (VERY RARE, VERY AMPLIFIED!) And I am drawn to you at this time because of powerful visions I have had concerning YOUR future...”

Supposed image of Sister Sedona
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Margaret Von Sacher

Image of tarot card

“...This reading was completed May 19th for First_Name Last_Name.

Dearest First_Name,

I am mad. I am very mad no one else is helping you! You deserve better.

I will ask nothing for this reading. Our mutual friend asked that I prepare this for you. And it is rare I work for free. After all, I am the Millionaire Maker. My work commands enormous fees. But for you this is completely free.

You’ve no doubt read I’m Europe’s most respected, studied and mystically blessed psychic. It’s been 600 years since another has controlled the hidden powers I do. And never have these powers been invoked so aggressively to secure instant wealth, love and good fortune. This I do for those I care about. Please study every word of this important psychic reading. Your future depends on it.

First_Name, These secrets will change your life!

June 18th. Warning! Be on the alert the evening of June 18th. I see a strange man arrives requesting to use your phone. He is faking car trouble. He’s older, appears weak and harmless. Don’t be fooled! He’s not alone, he has 2 hidden accomplices. Although you will feel it’s rude, just refuse to help and they will go away. This is serious...”

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Ruth Wade

Supposed image of Ruth Wade

“...Stop stressing First_Name! I know your life is tragic
right now, but you only make things worse by following
the advice of Charlatans!

I’ve carried your name around with me for over a week now. I wanted to be absolutely sure before writing you.

I now am. First_Name, you are in trouble. I believe it’s serious.

And things are going to get worse. I see real struggle in your immediate future. Money will get even tighter if that’s possible. I see you alone, and confused. And there are people in your life that are not your friends.

In a moment, I’ll ask you to decide. This will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your future is on the line. If you make the wrong choice, you will feel the effects for years to come.

Because it sure looks to me like I am the only person you can trust with your problems right now. So I’m making you my top priority! You are now the full focus of my attention. I will not rest until all of your immediate problems are solved. Your letters will be immediately answered. Your cries for help shall not be ignored. I am here to help you...”

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Supposed image of Yvanna

“...Courage, First_Name
you will not have long to wait before you pocket at least
$255,000 - since your luck should change on
June 24th next!

Yes First_Name, what is in store for you is literally exceptional! And I can now tell you that on June 24th next, YOU at Your_City, you will be full of JOY!!!

In fact, it’s not every day you can hope to pocket such a win! Just imagine: $255,000 all for you. And you will surely agree, the arrival of such a substantial sum will certainly be one of the best things that could ever happen to you. So be vigilant and watch out for this great victory and gain your revenge on life and your financial difficulties. You don’t have long to wait!

And it is for this very reason I am writing to you today, First_Name. For under no circumstances can I allow this huge sum to slip through your fingers. Considering how hard your current life is, I believe you would not say no to a helping hand, to ensure $255,000 falls into your waiting hands...”

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Even More Psychics

Please remember, all the images and quotations above are from the SCAM letters _not_ by

Where should I stop? There are so many more of these letters!

Some of the remaining letters are duplicates of ones I have already created a page. Some are additional letters from the same psychic already with their own page. But several are completely new. That is, they have different texts and images; however, every letter offers unlimited wealth, happiness and/or good health. Obviously, no one wants to be poor, unhappy or sick, but there is absolutely no proof that any of these psychics can deliver anything other than more requests for additional fees.

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