Psychics SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (8 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Angela Summers”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

letter head Current Phsychic Projection Profile
Dearest friend

“To Be Read Without Delay By:

“1194 - 36516 **********ALL, FOR AADC 380

“First_Name Last_Name
Street Address
City, ST Zip Code

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by


“Dear First_Name Last_Name,

Red Flag  # 1  “Please listen carefully. The next twelve weeks could be the most import period in your life. By the end of this winter, no later, I want to see you rich. Possessing VAST and sustained wealth.

“Being comfortable beyond your wildest dreams!

“Having the means, in every which way, to do exactly as you please. Whatever you want, whenever you in, day out!

Red Flag  # 2  & Red Flag  # 3  “Now, let me tell you how I have come to write to you. First though, before I do, let me say in terms of what I see happening, concerning special opportunities for CASH and REAL MONEY attainment (accumulating as much as $5,000,000.00) — please keep this letter very private. Very confidential!! The outline of events forthcoming and taking shape, already...are overwhelmingly positive. What I sense from deep paramystical[sic] signals, from reading certain “telepathic signs”—makes me tremble with excitement for you.

“First_Name, you should know...I am reaching out to you now at a moment of tremendous universal energy. (VERY RARE, VERY AMPLIFIED!) And I am drawn to you at this time because of powerful visions I have had concerning YOUR future.

“Imagine—having ALL THAT YOU HAVE EVER WANTED. And I don’t just mean money, prosperity and success. I mean a worry-free, stress-free life. Filled with real joy and happiness. Being able to live out the dreams (even the fantasies!) that you have always hoped would materialize. And seeing these wonderful dreams come alive and give you all that a meaningful life can provide!

“By now you may have developed a mental picture of who I am. You may have developed a sketchy outline of someone who can see into the future. I CAN do this, of course, but even let me explain to you the rare powers I possess, and how I can help you.

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“My name is Angela Summers, and I am a paramystical psychic visionary. I am in touch with certain universal Forces which enable me to unlock the powerful secrets of the heavenly stars and make their mysterious forces work for those whose lives have come to me. I deal in the world of the extraordinary, the realm of the ‘unexplained’—deeply spiritual. And much of what I “make happen” for those I touch remains a mystery. Even to me.

“In your case, as it so happens when I fall into a deep trance—SUDDENLY receiving strong signals of energy (universally-channeled, for all we know, perhaps a third dimension existing in space)... I “experienced” intense visions of the future. Brilliant flashes of life events and opportunities flooded my senses. For you...your future, now at hand, I see potential overwhelming enormity regarding the collection of REAL PROSPERITY AND SUSTAINED MONEY. Personal fortune.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

“Please understand: Here and now I must tell you confidentially what may soon affect your life. I have confirmed my preliminary revelations by developing a special Psychic Star Analysis for you. From what I have plotted already, and from what I know studying the secrets of cosmic deliverance, I can tell you that the universal energy surge is precise. (Understand. For most individuals in the world, life-rhythms will be out of sync and unaffected.) But for you, as I sense events unfolding...a deep presence of great success is developing. (LOOMING EXTRAORDINARILY... BIG!)

4 Trust SPAMmer

Red Flag  # 4  “Listen, please. If you follow my guidance, taking advantage of what is happening now, you can soon be joyously happy and standing ready to collect on significant opportunities for material prosperity and financial fulfillment. (Perhaps in an extremely massive way!)

“But I must also make this warning to you. (Read carefully, please)...

“There are circumstances ahead which may lead you to rash impulses. People who may confuse and distract you with negative thoughts or comments. And potential obstacles which you must be prepared to avoid. (Stemming, ironically, as my intuitions indicate, from ill-formed influences directed by those who may in fact be closest to you.)

2 Do Not Trust Friends, again

Red Flag  # 2 , again “Remember. I am close to you, differently, in such a way, from those you may know and trust as friends and family. My vision comes not from life experiences or from attitudes developed over many years...BUT FROM MY RARE ABILITY TO ‘SEE’ INTO THE FUTURE, AND TO MAP IT OUT FOR THOSE I TOUCH. Obviously, your future is something I am very interested in, in every which way leading you to the collection of life events which can pave your days with lavish money and security. And believe me when I say this to you, I harbor no ulterior motives, my impressions are unjaded[sic]. My intentions, pure. (You can trustfully connect with me...NOW. totally.)

“Furthermore, as I’m sure you are feeling right now at this moment And as it worries me to think this thought, but please, calm yourself in knowing...

“What has already transpired in your life so far does not matter. Meaning this: I know, in so many ways, you have been unjustly short changed and under compensated for your remarkable deeds. You are feeling, I believe, isolated, and lost. “Left out .” In certain regards, even abandoned. Afraid of the future. Terrified that it may leave you alone and unfulfilled. Desperate. Not knowing where to turn. What to do. Or how, really, to go on.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

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“These thoughts are scary. These impressions are hard to handle, living every day, as you are, now. And impossible to accept. Bewildering. To think this is all you have look forward and to. It can tax you and make you sick, leaving you to exhausted mentally drained. Physically, a wreck. Emotionally, broken.

“But the truth is, and this is why you MUST FOLLOW EXACTLY what I outline for you, for you are so close, my friend, to a dramatic transformation. Look, and listen to me, undividedly please!

“It is virtually impossible — I have only seen it on a few occasions — where people, anyone that is, on their own, lives up to their expected destiny. It is too difficult to “anticipate” the future. Too hard to “see” the road ahead, without the priceless rare gift I possess. And too easy to be misled. Deceived. And lied to, in this cold, cruel competitive world.

“Which is why you must be prepared, in such a way, and moreover, to know in advance, the right actions and decisions that will enable you to collect on ALL the rich rewards that can make your life a living paradise. Every day. And remember, as I said in the beginning of this private letter to you, within the next 90 days! (YES!!!)

“Think of the things that you want most out of life: MONEY, prosperity, love, healthy living, strong family relationships, and new friends, trustworthy. Sincere. And genuine. I see, collectively, as I project all possible rewards forthcoming to you, that in a strictly financial sense, meaning money only and aside from personal breakthroughs, that there is a definite “pull.” Very powerful. In a sweeping, intense rush. (It is a repeating impression I am getting. Suggesting, possibly, that specific life-events are already underway, and if so, there is no time to waste. No time to “sit on this!”)

5 Act NOW

Red Flag  # 5  “Therefore, what you must do, NOW, is simply this: You must complete the brief information I request on the bottom of the next page, as it pertains directly to critical assessment data I need in order to crystallize everything for you in confidential words and complete written detail. (Phenomenally powerful throughout!!)

2 Do Not Trust Friends and 4 Trust SPAMer, again

Red Flag  # 2  &  # 4 , again“I have, in effect, already, pledged my unbroken loyalty to you, and I trust, with that in mind, that I have reached you at the address from which you can—and have—had complete privacy to this personal letter. (If your address has changed in any way, please correct it for me, printing clearly on your Psychic Star Analysis Form.)

“Now then, my dear friend, let me say, finally, to you...that I AM JUBILANT FOR YOU! Because your time, your moment, is now here at hand. And lam ready to make marvelous things happen for you. (You will see I mean this, absolutely!) To bring you to that wondrous position where life-winning rewards can be yours...collected upon in spectacular waves of prosperity and success, before which, that is to say, if we consider this is to be your “new” life, and yesterday, your “past” where you would have been unable to comprehend and seize this momentous opportunity.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

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“LISTEN TO ME, PLEASE! The past is unimportant. Forget it. It is today, First_Name, right now, and further, what I mean to say, it is your immediate future that I am concerned with. And is is this future which may be so prosperous and fulfilling for you, that truthfully, as events unfold, you will be overwhelmed with the realization that rewards of this magnitude, can happen.

5 Act NOW, again

Red Flag  # 5 , again! “But first, I must compel you... D0 NOT DELAY! (I mean this!) For the vision I have had, as it pertains directly to your destiny, is not something that occurs normally. It is far more powerful...extraordinary...perhaps in some strange way controlled by the great cosmic forces now influencing the earth, stars and planets.

4 Trust SPAMer, again

Red Flag  # 4 , again “Put your faith and trust in me, First_Name I am using my “eyes of vision” to shape your future as it is meant to be lived... filled with money, wealth and happiness. (All coming together, in an intense fusion of receptive reward for you. AWESOME!)

5 Act NOW, again

Red Flag  # 5 , again! “I want you to taste that day right now, First_Name. And to let me, Angela, show you how to achieve and embrace your destiny. Please do not hesitate, I promise you. Simply complete your Psychic Star Analysis Form right now and return it to me IMMEDIATELY!

“Waiting in special anticipation for your reply, I am

“Angela Summers

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“P.S.—With so much at stake, regarding as much as $5,000,000.00 coming to you, I am, in a very real sense, nervous that you do not delay. Please answer me now, today. Completing the brief information below and enclosing my modest guidance fee. (Obviously, your satisfaction in everything I do for you, is guaranteed unconditionally, one-hundred-percent. Without question or risk, in any, way, at any time.)

“P.P.S. If you can, I urge you...make today’s mail.”

“Carefully cut form at perforation and return at once. Do not delay in any way. Mail the completed form below in the envelope provided.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

“Psychic Star Analysis Form

“Private and Confidential

“Pertaining to Intense Revelations of Imminent Proliferation of Personal WEALTH.
Projected Forecast Regarding Prospective Windfall
of as much as $ $5 MILLION DOLLARS coming to:
First_Name Last_Name, Street Address, City, ST Zip Code

“[  ] YES ANGELA, Please RUSH your forecast to me at once— map-out all the opportunities ahead for unbelievable Material Fortune and phenomenal personal WEALTH. I have enclosed your guidance fee of just $20.00 for your services, including all costs for preparation and delivery of your empowered written prophecy and confidential guidance.

“Please include cash, check or money order payable to: Angela Summers


“HERE: __________________________________

“Dear friend: I may wish to touch your signature to pick up vibrations and personal life-rhythms; make sure to sign your name. Then, after signing, run your fingers across your signature.—Angela

“100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

6 Print Clearly and 7 Birthdate


Red Flag  # 6  “Print clearly here for Angela Summers review and study

Red Flag  # 7  “Month of Birth ______________
“Day of Birth ___________
“Year of Birth _____________

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

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8 Guarantee Red Flag  # 8 

My Guarantee and Word

“Dear Friend:

“Many people have written me to tell me I am the only true psychic they have ever known. To this I can say to you: YOU CAN TRUST ME!

“But I want you to do more than trust me. I want you to ANSWER me. Please!! There is no risk in the world to you, for ultimately, all that matters is your happiness and the collection of your dreams and prosperity.

“However, without any question, my Guidance fee is fully refundable to you on your word alone with return of the detailed Profile and psychic work-up forthcoming. Have no worries. Erase any doubts. My guarantee, in every way, is 100% unconditional!! —Angela



Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

“Angela Summers

“Private Communication 7:40am Wednesday

“Dear Friend,

“I feel that I must, absolutely, get through to you!

“It is now 7:40am, Wednesday morning, and my reasons for including this brief note are quite serious.

The most rewarding, prosperous, joyful and fulfilling days of your life may be just ahead...incredibly close and ready to bless and complete your destiny in a manner of PRIVILEGE AND LUXURY beyond belief!

“Trust me when I tell you this, dear friend, for my words are that of an empowered and gifted psychic, a true visionary—and I am determined to see this remarkable future through for you. To literally “make it happen” for you!


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“Now, follow along carefully. Give me your undivided attention. The information that follows is crucial...

“Understand clearly. The visions I receive and which flow through my consciousness are not mere, random thoughts of the ungifted or uninitiated. They are not the simple, unfounded “high hopes” of wishful passing dreams and thinking.

“No. My world is far different. It is filled wltn deep spiritual premonition and prophecy of future occurrences. Events. Circumstances. Realities. Detailed situations and opportunities for splendorous, sweeping breakthroughs.

“My “gift” is my prophecy, dear friend— and somehow, in some benevolent and mysterious way—I am able to connect with supernatural forces. Drawing myself into the unforseen[sic] dimension which lies ahead. And then, moreover, with uncanny accuracy, I, Angela Summers, am able to pinpoint and thread together for those whose lives come to me, the actual secrets of the stars.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

“Obviously, in your case, I sense something extraordinary happening. Something perhaps materializing in a sudden, dramatic WINDFALL event (VERY BIG...COLOSSAL...not far off!!). Liberating your life and giving you an immediate amount of vast Money. “Fixing” your situation with what may indeed be, by all accounts, phenomenal material wealth and financial independence. BRINGING YOU AS MUCH AS $5 MILLION DOLLARS IN A SWEEPING, SPONTANEOUS, LUMP-SUM DELIVERANCE!!

“YES, DEAR FRIEND THIS IS AMAZING!!! What is happening! How these spectacular premonitions are repeating again and again (flooding my mind with numbers, figures, details...). Events ahead. Images of jubilation. Some kind of lifetime celebration.


“I am compelled to get these lucky numbers—this priceless FREE GIFT—to you right away. Follow my instructions carefully. Heed my words without question...

“Dear friend, complete your “Psychic Star Analysis Form” which is on the back page of my main letter to you at the bottom. Do this now and get this form back to me a.s.a.p.!

“I need to crystallize my deepest vision and clairvoyance on your behalf, pulling together all the intense psychic impressions and revelatory images through which your Personal Profile will be completed and delivered to you with respect to the marvelous life-destiny which may soon ignite and bless your future with unfathomable WEALTH AND PROSPERITY.

“Understand. There is No Risk to you whatsoever. I am going to include your Lucky Numbers as a FREE BONUS GIFT. Yet before I send them, I want to hold your “Psychic Star Analysis Form” in my hands to feel the spiritual karma emitted by you.

“I want to sense your energies on the paper. I want to study the vibrations. I want to run my fingers across it and pull myself into a state of ultimate mental synchronicity and harmony between you and I.

“I feel an overwhelming need to do this AT ONCE! For YOU, dear friend, more than anything else, I want to see you achieve “BREAKAWAY” Wealth. This is my sole purpose and see your greatest dreams come true.

“I implore you in closing this note to ANSWER... ME...NOW!!

“In loyalty,”

Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter of “Angela Summers” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 1  Most SCAMs address only one of the areas of human needs such as health, loneliness, family relationships and work. Right away, “Angela Summers” gets to the area she will concentrate her ‘skills’ and ‘powers’; wealth, massive wealth! To be sure to encourage your attention, she even claims it could be “perhaps only days away”! You should note an important word there, however. Quite often SCAMmers will use words such as, “perhaps” and “possible” and “could”. These words give the SCAMmer some ‘wiggle room’ when you discover that one of their promises did not happen. In fact, 99.9% of their claims or promises will not happen, at least not because of anything they did. If these ‘psychics’ had even a tiny percentage of success in the things they claim to be able to do or foretell, they would not only be rich, but also famous! They would not be sending letters using mailing lists. They would not be the complete strangers they are. (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  “Ms Summers” almost forgets one of the most important ‘rules’ for SMAMmers; Never let the recipient talk to anyone else about he SCAM! Doing so might mean the truth would become apparent and the recipient would not send money, which is the sole reason for the letter, in the first place! I absolutely do encourage you to show the letter to as many people as possible! It is especially important to show it to trusted friends and family, your Pastor, and an attorney, if you have one. You might want to show it to your Postmaster! (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  When you see “para” added to a word, you should have a good understanding of what the other word means. In this case, “Ms Summers” adds “para” to the word “mystical”. Mystical is already an ill-defined, illogical, and irrational word. It can and does mean many things to many people. Adding “para” to it means “along side of or similar to”. In other words, it makes an inexact word even less exact! (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  The second most important thing every SCAMmer must do is to convince you to trust him. “Ms Summers” now wants to be clear that you must listen to her guidance. And don’t forget that she has already told you not to listen to anyone else by telling them about this letter. She is attacking the problem of truth from two directions; Trust only her and do not trust anyone else! Who do you think you should trust, a complete stranger asking for your money or your friends and family who would probably give you money?! (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 5  Another way a SCAMmer fights to avoid the truth is to get you to act “immediately”, This is what I call the “Act Before Thinking” plan. It ties in nicely with the demand that you keep the letter secret. Letting anyone see the letter could very well cause you to delay your most important action as far as “Ms Summers” is concerned; sending her your money! (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 6  Apparently, this ‘psychic’ can foretell your future and know your past, but she cannot read your writing! Save your efforts and your stamp, don’t write or print anything on the form and certainly do not mail it to her! (return to # 6 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 7  As I’ve stated in every SCAM on my site that asks for your birthdate information, simply do not provide it! There are only a very few places you should ever give that information. Your Doctor is one. The application for a driver’s license is another. Certainly someone who claims the powers that this SCAMmer does would be able to know your birthdate!

Providing your birthdate information to someone who already has your full name and address will allow them to get a lot more info on you. They may be able to get a copy of your birth certificate, in some states. They can probably get your Social Security number. They can then steal your identity and/or clean out your bank account! Please, never give your a complete stranger this information! Always know who and why someone needs this information. (return to # 7 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 8  As I have never, ever heard that anyone has been able to get a refund from any SCAMmer, I consider the value of their ‘guarantee’ to be a good deal less than the ink used to print it. First, I have never even heard of a SCAMmer replying to a refund request; they won’t even pay for a stamp for the reply. Second, the return mail address is not likely to be an actual office or home; they are usually nothing more than a mailbox in places like Mailbox USA®, PostNet®, PostalAnnex+® or other mail box rental stores. Your reply will most likely end up in the trash when the SCAMmer discovers there is no money in it. (return to # 7 Red Flag above)

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