MLM & Pyramid us!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Feel free to contact us.

Let us know of information you’d like to see added. Contact us about information you’d like to send us. Let us know of any problems or corrections we need to make!

However, don’t waste time asking me if any of these SCAMs are legitimate or how you can recover any monies you have sent them. They are, by definition, NOT legitimate! That’s why they are here. I am not associated with these entities in any manner. I am not part of their organization. I am TOTALLY AGAINST their behavior, methods and plans. This site exists solely to alert you, your friends and families about these SCAMs. I am only the messenger! The only reason these SCAMmers remain active is because people continue to send them money. JUST DON‘T DO THAT!

Please remember, all the quotations are from the SCAM letters not by

While their actions are illegal, most police agencies will not even investigate because the theft amounts are so small. If you want to send your money to them, be my guest, but don’t say you weren’t warned. And don’t expect me to get it back for you. Nor do I recommend you send them requests for any refunds, that would require them to be legitimate, a completely incorrect assumption. Writing to them will only verify your address is correct which makes it more valuable to these kinds of SCAMmers!

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