Work-at-Home SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (3 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “BETA-TESTER”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of the “BETA-TESTER” _not_ by

Letter of Notification

$15,648.20 in FREE VALUE for
“First_Name Last_Name

This letter hereby appoints...

“First_Name Last_Name

Red Flag  # 1 receive $15,648.20 in real, honest value and be one of the first to potentially make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with an all new discovery that’s different than anything you’ve ever seen.

This Real World Value is Yours FREE When You Become a Beta-Tester.

Red Flag  # 2  “Please read this official Letter of Notification and then let us hear from you at once... before someone else takes your position.

“Dear First_Name,

“Hi, my name is T.J. Rohleder. I am the author of the enclosed 20-page book.

“I sent you this exciting invitation because I firmly believe that you are serious about making huge sums of money. IF this is true, then...

You will be so excited that you might need a sleeping pill or two just to get to sleep tonight!

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of the “BETA-TESTER” _not_ by

“YES — what I have to tell you in my 20-page book is that exciting!

“So if you are looking for the secret to making thousands of dollars from home, then you will be more excited than you have ever been in your entire life!

“I’m serious about this. YOU WILL BE THRILLED!!!

“As you’ll see, I have an urgent need for a very small group of “Beta-Testers.” And because I believe that you are serious you are about making a lot of money... I’m inviting...

“YOU to be one of them.

When you accept my invitation, you will receive $15,648.20 in real honest value... for FREE.

PLUS, you’ll be one of the first to potentially make THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with an all new discovery that’s different than anything you’ve ever seen.

“What is a Beta-Tester? And why am I willing to give you something worth a TRUE VALUE of $15,648.20 for becoming one? Please go over my book and get the answers to those two questions. As you’ll see, every software company uses people called “Beta-Testers” to test their software and make sure everything works right... And we have simply taken their PROVEN IDEA to develop our own Beta-Tester program.

Red Flag  # 3  “Please take the time and read my 20-page book. Prove to yourself that ALL OF THIS IS REAL AND HONEST AND LEGITIMATE in every way. Prove to yourself that you really will receive 15,648.20 in real honest value FOR FREE when you accept my invitation and help us by becoming a Beta-Tester.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of the “BETA-TESTER” _not_ by

“Just start with page one and begin reading. Do this and — by the time you get to page 5 — you will not be able to STOP! In fact — you will be so excited that you will probably not get to sleep tonight without a sleeping pill or two!

“YES — my 20-page book is that exciting! It’s that amazing! And the secrets you’ll read about really do have the awesome power to make you as much as thousands of dollars a day!

“It’s true! You can prove this to yourself in the next 30 minutes.

“But you must hurry. This is a very limited opportunity and will be cancelled when this millionaire has enough people. Once this is filled — he will stop accepting new partners and you will be forced to be placed on a waiting list and may never get in.

“Don’t let this happen. Go through my invitation right now and find out how all of this is true and how all of this really is yours free!


Supposed signature of T.J. Rohlerder

“T.J. Rohlerder

P.S. This is real... and it’s FREE! Go through the my 20-page book and prove it to yourself that all of this is REAL and HONEST and LEGITIMATE in every way. Then fill out your Beta-Tester Application Form and mail it back to us... OR CALL to claim your $15,648.20 in FREE VALUE that’s designed to make you huge sums of money!

“Invitation #8727BB”

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Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter of the “BETA-TESTER” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 1  Notice the most important word in that sentence: “potentially”. It’ used again about half way down this page. But the meaning of the word is what is important to remember while reading the SCAM letter. You will have no recourse if you don’ make thousands of dollars because of that word; “potentially”! (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  You will find this Red Flag in practically every SCAM. The idea is for you to act immediately, don’t take any time to investigate the claims and promises! Don’t any time to discuss the SCAM with friends, relatives or experts! Don’t take time to even think about the SCAM! Just send your reply immediately, with the required payment, of course! (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, "A physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient." (Sir William Osler, July 12, 1849—December 29, 1919, one of the founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital) A corollary in, this case might be, "A person who no help in understanding something has a fool for an advisor"! Learn to be wary of offers that sound too good to be true! Use your abilities to learn more than what some stranger tells you about an offer! Be very wary of an offer that requires you pay before getting more information. (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

So, are you the slightest bit interested in knowing how that real “world/honest” $15,648.20 was calculated? A rather precise and unique number, in my opinion. It could be frustrating as Mr. Rohleder just tells you to read the “book” (it’s explained on page 10, sort of... it’s the cost of 50 web sites ($14,750.00) plus a hosting fee for each one for three years ($898.20). The only problem is that you have 50 web sites that may be practically identical and that are sight unseen until you sign up. The fact is, creating, even changing a web site is as simple as using your computer to type in a document! It’s no more difficult than typing an email! The rip-off is to claim that each site would cost you “MORE than $295.00.”

It’s also ridiculous to claim that a monthly hosting plan would cost $24.95! You can actually get some hosting absolutely free! But to get reliable service (99.9% uptime), you can get hosting plans for less than $5.00 from literally hundreds of services! Obviously, Mr. Rohleder is counting on you not knowing anything about Internet hosting costs so he can inflate the supposed value he will be providing you.

Even more amazing is the claim that “EVEN THOUGH IT’S NEW - IT IS ALSO 100% PROVEN.” I’ve never heard of something that is both “new” while being “100% proven!” But that’s just part of the “GUARANTEE!”

There are some statements made on the “Application Form” that are, frankly, untrue. Guarantee #1 and #2 state, in order, that the web sites will have “no strings attached” and that they will be yours. If you read the “book” closely, you will find on page 11 that the sites will be “jointly” owned. A web site is useless until it’s Internet address is sent to the thousands of computers around the world that receive a request to visit it. This information is known as the site’s URL. Part of the cost of having a web site is the registration of the site’s address or URL. Although that registration is minimal, it records who owns the actual site. A “jointly” owned address means that the other owner must agree to where the site is to be hosted. Since the 50 sites are not actually yours, you are at the mercy of M.O.R.E., Inc. as to what you can do with them and where they can be hosted. This can be a problem with any hosting company that gives you free registration. That usually means they have registered the URL themselves and if you want to move your site to another hosting company, you may be forced to pay much more than normal or jump through extra “hoops” or even have difficulty talking to anyone at that company. How much do you trust Mr. Rohleder to let you move “your“ sites in the future?

One final comment is about the veracity and strength of the numerous “guarantees” mentioned in the materials. On the back of the Application form is a very important paragraph that should be read carefully and understood completely:

I quote: Submitting your Application Form constitutes an acceptance of this “terms, conditions, and return policy.” No specific results are guaranteed. We are not accountants or lawyers, and are not providing any accounting or legal advice. It is up to you to determine if, how, and to what extent you choose to use the information and strategies provided to you. All materials, resources, and examples are provided as information only. You may evaluate everything under our 30 day trial period. If you’re not happy with the materials for any reason, simply call our toll-free cancellation hotline (1-877-545-2224) within 30 days for a refund. Submitting this Form grants us permission to contact you by mail, phone (live or via auto-dialer), fax, e-mail, or any other means necessary to communicate with you...

No specific results are guaranteed.” That’s just a bit different than the five “guarantees” written on the front of that page! “Submitting this Form grants us permission to contact you by mail, phone (live or via auto-dialer), fax, e-mail, or any other means necessary to communicate with you.“ That sounds like they might want to really maintain close contact with you! And they won’t rule out any means they can find! This is about as close as giving some stranger a key to the house as I can think of!

Finally, the real purpose of the mailing is spelled out for us to see: “All materials, resources, and examples are provided as information only..” In other words, you cannot blame Mr. Rohleder or M.O.R.E., Inc. for anything! You’re absolutely on your own! But you can be sure you will be getting numerous new and different offers from this company! By responding to this offer, you have marked yourself as a con-man’s target! The best thing you can do is to send the empty envelope back to them. They have paid for the postage already, let’s help them get their monies worth!

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