Miscellaneous SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (8 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Diana A. Baker”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter from “Diana A. Baker” _not_ by mailscamalert.com.

“Gifted Psychic And Spiritual Healer

Image of Baker Initial

“My dearest First_Name,

Red Flag  # 1  “The moment that I saw your name, I knew that I must help you. Do you know about the family curse? I fear you do not. This curse is the cause of so much struggle and heartache. The curse has been passed from generation to generation and only a fortunate few of us have been able to escape it. It plagues both those born or married into the family. The moment the Last_Name Curse is removed, life changes and changes fast.

Red Flag  # 2  “I will not strengthen the curse’s power discussing the lurid details. This benefits no one. The cross we bear is no fault of our own, First_Name. Lets leave it at that.

“Like many of our line, I am a gifted psychic and spiritual healer. First_Name, do you possess the gift? I feel strongly that you do. But that you have never tried to develop or use it. I provide for myself and my loved ones by helping others using the gift. I feel strongly I must now help you.

“I have taken the liberty of looking into your future. I see many incredible opportunities for you, many obstacles as well. Much of what you will experience in the next year depends heavily upon my lifting the family curse off your shoulders and providing you with some much needed direction. This I will tend to immediately.

“Given our shared circumstances I will speak very frankly with you. First_Name, I can change your life. On this, there is no doubt. It will require a lot of work and it won’t be easy, but I have done this work before. I feel obligated to provide these services to you. When we finish, your life will be recognizably different.

Red Flag  # 3  “What we are going to do is trade all your bad luck for good. We will exchange your heartache for happiness. We will replace struggle with prosperity. First_Name, when we are done you will be living on easy street. Things will be going your way.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter from “Diana A. Baker” _not_ by mailscamalert.com.

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“Here is what I wish to do for you, First_Name, if you will only allow me to.

Red Flag  # 4  “1. Your current struggles are a result of the curse. The moment I have your consent, I will perform a curse removal ceremony known to a very limited number of people besides myself. The ritual will take about 45 minutes. Then, within 72 hours of its completion, the family curse that has plagued you for most all of your life will be lifted. I can provide absolute assurance of this. It has worked every time so far, period.

Red Flag  # 5  “2. I am going to share a special amulet with you. This ancient amulet is the most powerful good luck charm that you could ever possess. That’s because it already belongs to you, and has been searching for you all your life. It is the Baker Seal of Power, and you should never have been without it. In your hands, First_Name, this magical seal acts like an Aladdin Lamp. When you carry it, things just go your way. When you hold it and make a wish, your wish becomes the universes[sic] command. You may have heard of it and thought this was just a legend. As you will soon see, it is not. It is completely true.

“3. I strongly sense that you have never been given the three ancient family prayers that are in fact your birthright. These prayers are to be used by you in order to have your every wish and desire answered. The power behind these prayers is magnificent. First_Name, anything is possible when you use them.

Red Flag  # 6  “4. I will also share the ‘House of Baker 20xx’ calendar with you. Since it is already July, I will extend yours through next summer. It will show you everything that you need to know for the entire year of 20xx. It lists every day that you will be lucky in love, finance, and in chance. With this incredible psychic resource in your hands, you will know exactly what to do each day for the entire next year. This will help you beyond belief. By following the daily advice in the ‘House of Baker 20xx’ calendar, you will be prepared for anything.

“It is time for the curse to be lifted off of you First_Name. It is time for your life to be filled with prosperity and good fortune. By allowing me to perform these services for you, your life can be exactly as it was meant to be!

“Lifting the curse will make all of this possible. Using the Baker Seal of Power and the ancient family prayers will provide you any wish that you have ever held dear. Following the daily directions revealed in the ‘House of Baker 20xx’ calendar, will permit you to act with confidence each day for the entire next year. This is the most comprehensive and accurate psychic chart that you will ever possess.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter from “Diana A. Baker” _not_ by mailscamalert.com.

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“I so wish to help you, First_Name. I feel so connected even though I do not believe we have met face to face. Normally, clients would pay me an exorbitant fee to perform these services for them. I will not ask this of you.

Red Flag  # 7  “If you could send me just $20 dollars, this would help me greatly in offsetting the costs of doing all this for you and shipping you everything I have discussed. I do not feel this is out of line to ask.

“I will make this easy. If you want my help, just cut off the bottom of this letter and return it to me with $20 dollars. Please send just $20 dollars made payable to my business: Medieval History.

“I can promise, you are going to be surprised and grateful for all that I am doing. But if not, just drop me a line and tell me so. And I will return your $20 dollars. I’m running out of room so let me end this by saying that you are about to begin a new Baker Family Legacy by your acting today. You’ll never be sorry, that I promise you.

“Love, Diana

“I typed this for your convenience, First_Name. Please return it in the envelope I’ve enclosed for you with $20 dollars made payable to: Medieval History P.O. Box 20947 Los Angeles CA 94000

“Diana, I accept your help. Please do the following: 1. Lift the Baker Family Curse. 2. Send me the Baker Seal of Power amulet. 3. Send me all 3 of the ancient family prayers. 4. Prepare and send me the ‘House of Baker 20xx’ (and 20xy) psychic calendar.

“Send everything to me at:

“First_Name Baker 12345 Street

“City, ST Zip

Red Flag  # 8  “P.S. And remember, you may ask for this money back at anytime if you are not completely happy with everything.


Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter from “Diana A. Baker” _not_ by mailscamalert.com.

Red Flag  # 1  Regardless of how you got your Last_Name, it has a curse! I’m willing to bet that “Ms. ‘Baker’” has additional last names that she claims as her own. The most likely will be whatever the last name is on the mailing list she bought! She will simply include that last name as her own and have the correct graphic inserted, also. After all, there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, so there need be only 26 different graphics. Don’t be fooled by this simple use of a desktop computer. There are even fonts available that include the capital letter in the ornate, but fake, ‘wood block.’

Here are just a few of the free, block-style fonts available:

  • font-1
  • font-2
  • font-3
  • font-4
  • font-5

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Red Flag  # 2  There are two important points this SCAMmer wants to make in the phrase “The cross we bear is no fault of our own”. 1. Neither you nor “Ms. ‘Baker’” are not to blame for any problems in your lives. 2. “She” (the SCAMmer) has this same ‘curse’, so that makes her want to help you; that makes her your ‘friend’. That is the most important idea every SCAM includes: You need to have a reason to completely trust the SCAMmer! (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  This is an almost standard promise of every SCAM, whether from a ‘psychic’ or a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ scheme. The promise here is to solve all problems related to finance, luck, and relationships. You may not even know you had problems in all these areas of you life! These claims, of course, are used to further you idea that your problems are not under your control; you need the help of the SCAMmer to solve all your problems. “Ms. ‘Baker’” is about to list what she will do to ‘help’ you. (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  “Lift the family curse”, but not until she has your consent? Why would she need your consent to make your life better? Does that make sense to you? The actual reason for notifying (consenting) this SCAMmer will become quite clear in just a few more paragraphs. (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 5  The “Baker Seal of Power” or the “Smith Seal of Power”, it just depends on your last name, of course. By the way, have you ever heard of this oh-so-powerful ‘seal’ or amulet? I didn’t think so. I’m just hoping that you appreciate the power that will be yours when your wish becomes the “universes command”. Reminds me of the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for”. (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 6  “A calendar marking all the important dates” when you should use your own ‘psychic’, note that this will mean this SCAMmer will be exonerated from fulfilling any of the promises made. You are now the one responsible for the events in your life. This is the only truthful thing the SCAMmer almost says. It also means there is no point in asking for a refund. Hope you enjoy your $20 calendar, assuming you even get it!

By the way, I have removed the exact year since it will be changed in any letter you will get. However, the letter was sent well after my aunt died which indicates just how ‘personal’ these letters are. As I’ve mentioned, they are simply mass produced using word processor templates and mailing lists. Dates, names and addresses are automatically changed to fit the recipient. (return to # 6 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 7  Here is the one things every SCAM includes, the point of every single SCAM; send them some money. This is the whole point of any SCAM. It’s usually a small amount. The reason for being small is to make it more difficult to get any legal help. The police will usually be too busy to make too much effort to find the SCAMmer, a lawyer will cost much more than the small fee, the local or state Attorney General will not likely have the time to prosecute such a small monetary amount. Usually, the only one harmed by these SCAMs is, sadly, you. Avoid the loss of even a small amount of money. Avoid being embarrassed by this SCAM. Just don’t send any money to complete strangers, no matter how much they promise to help you. (return to # 7 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 8  At least “Ms. ‘Baker’” doesn’t waste ink telling us there is any kind of ‘guarantee’. All she says is that we can ask for the money back, at any time. Well, of course, we can. However, ‘asking’ and ‘getting’ are two different things. On the other hand, I have never, ever heard of anyone getting any money back after a request for a refund. Never! Even when there is a written, “100% guarantee” stated in the letter, there has never been, to my knowledge, any refund given, happily or otherwise. (return to # 8 Red Flag above)

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