MLM & Pyramid SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Multi-Level-Marketing & Pyramid SCAMs

Summary of Category:

Here are four SCAMs that offer to let you earn money without doing any work or that supposedly create income while never selling or providing any product or service. Anywhere else, a plan like that is described as a crime! The marketers of these schemes are hoping that, by the time you realize the SCAM, you’ll be too embarrassed to tell anyone!

Just remember, a Pyramid scheme or plan is always illegal. Period. A Multi-Level-Marketing plan is also illegal if no actual product is being sold. Period.

Please remember, all quotations below are from the SCAM letters _not_ by

Bernard A. Dukes

Red Flag Warnings: Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag Red Flag

“...Just $25.00 Per Month Starts A Business
“That Can Make You A Millionaire!”

“We Are About To Launch Our New System, Join Now
And Be Positioned To Profit Like Crazy!

“Plus, You Never Have To Sell or talk to anyone EVER!, My systems extend my ability to sell for you and puts commissions in your pocket month after month after month!...”

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RESICA by Bernard A. Dukes

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In the same envelope with the Multi-Level Marketing scheme, that never even mentions a product, Mr. Dukes provides a telling opinion of that kind of operation. Here is the image he thinks describes Multi-Level Marketing:image of holder-shooting gun

I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it does make me wonder which scheme Mr. Dukes wants me to “invest” in. Of course, it doesn’t really make much difference, they are both simply pyramid schemes that depend on everyone getting recruits below them, who will also get recruits below them, who will...

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“WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR OTHER PROGRAMS TO WORK, You could have $30,000 in two weeks. The cost is about $30.00 and one hour of work, and NO MAILING LIST!

“Dear Friend,

“My name is Rhonda Fitzgerald, and I am an Attorney. A month ago I received this program in the mail. It is 100% legal and legit. I decided to try it once to see if it really worked as it claimed. To my astonishment I received over $30,000 in cash in 2 weeks. IT DOES WORK. It works every time. Here are the basics:

“HUGE PROFITS: You will receive at least $15,000 or more in cash in 2 weeks.

“EASIEST: It takes less than 1 hour and no personal contact with anyone. NO selling or buying anything.

“FASTEST: It pays you off COMPLETELY IN 2 WEEKS, not months as with with other programs.

“CHEAPEST: The cost is less than $30.00 total to participate. This includes EVERY SINGLE EXPENSE. NO MAILING LISTS TO BUY!!...”

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Secret Club of the Golden Circle

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“...First of all, you must act very quickly, and very quickly means to say that you should answer this letter within the coming 48 hours!

“Yes, to hope to regularly win thousands without working - and join the handful of people throughout the world who share billions every year — your subscription to the S.C.G.C. (enclosed with this letter) must reach us within the next 48 hours!

“As soon as your subscription to the S.C.G.C. reaches us, you will then be ready to join those privileged people who claim to share this ‘manna from heaven’!...”

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