Psychics SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (8 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Georges Martin de Montreux”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of “Georges Martin de Montreux” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 1 

Supposed mage of Georges Martin de Montreux

“Clairvoyant - Medium

“Mrs Last_Name,

Red Flag  # 2  Read how you will soon be

drawing a final line under

all your money problems

Red Flag  # 3  “• July 2011: A first WIN at the Lottery of $22,000,000!

“• August 2011: A second WIN at at the Lottery of $40,000,000!

“• September 2011: A third WIN at at the Lottery of $50,000,0001

“In total, more than $110,000,000
for you and you alone!

Quite enough to get you through 2011

and then spend the rest of your life in abundance

and financial ease...

“For you Mrs Last_Name, someone in great need of money!

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Georges Martin de Montreux” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 4  “You are not dreaming and for me there is no possible doubt: if you are indeed called Mrs Last_Name and if you do reside in Your_Town, Lady Luck has finally decided to smile at you and make you the winner of dozens of millions of Dollars at the Lottery!

“Before explaining why this avalanche of money is destined for you and how you can pocket these huge wins, let me ask you a question: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BUY YOURSELF WITH THIS PROVIDENTIAL MONEY? Several new cars? Holidays in luxury hotels in paradise locations?

“One or more properties?

“You can fulfil all the desires and dreams dear to your heart! In fact the way you intend to use these huge sums doesn’t matter.”

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“And that’s only fair, First_Name! Because life has done you few favours until now... but soon, all that will change!

“In fact, an initial win of $22,000,000 should arrive during the first week of July. Followed by another win of $40,000,000 during August, and another win of $50,000,000 in September - that should swell your bank account!!!

IN ALL First_Name,

“Now, you will certainly be asking yourself how I can make such a promise? After all, you don’t even know me.

“I am called Georges and for forty years I have been a clairvoyant. I specialise in lucky numbers and wins, huge wins. Until now, EVERYTHING I HAVE PREDICTED HAS ALWAYS COME TRUE!

“And it isn’t me who claims that, but all the people who, with my help, have pocketed huge sums on the Lotto! For example, Mr. Karl S. I predicted he would win more than $1,850,000 in the next few weeks — and this is what he wrote shortly afterwards:

Dear Georges, I was so right to listen to you and play the lucky numbers you sent me. I won $75,000,000. Everything happened exactly as you told me! Again thank you!”

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Georges Martin de Montreux” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 5  “Yet, I do not advertise in newspapers - although I am known in the clairvoyance world as “Mister Luck”. Why that nickname? Destiny sent me a very rare gift:

That of knowing the winning numbers of Lottery in advance and the people designated to play these numbers! And this is reason I am writing to you today, dear First_Name:

You are one of the people I can make win!

“Now, the reason I don’t advertise in newspapers is because I want to help those who are truly disadvantaged.

… [deleted text to save space]

“So, I prefer to devote all my time to helping people with real financial problems.

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“On this matter, I do not believe I am wrong when I say you are someone who is sadly lacking in financial resources. All around, you can see people enjoying a wonderful life — a life they don’t really deserve, whereas you, you must watch everything you spend, the bills are stacking up and you worry you will never have enough money to pay them.

“Well, soon First_Name, all that will be just a bad memory — all forgotten...

“And again, when I spoke of $110,000,000, I forgot to say that sum concerns only the potential wins for the next quarter of 2011. Because it’s quite possible further millions may be added to this already tidy sum throughout the year!

“Are you listening to me, First_Name? Your money problems are over! You can sleep peacefully in your bed, because soon you will be able to cover all your expenses. There will be no need to deprive yourself! Finally, life will be wonderful, the life you have always dreamed of!

“So, as soon as you have sent me your WINNING FORM in the special envelope attached to this letter, begin to think about all you can buy very soon!

“In my opinion, you should plan a dream holiday so you can take a break. I think you have great need of that.”

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Georges Martin de Montreux” _not_ by

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“The first thing to do is to complete your WINNER’S FORM and send it to me as promptly as possible. When I receive your Form, I will immediately send you your Winning Numbers and the Dates when you should play them. You see, it’s very simple. There will be nothing to do other than follow my instructions to the letter. You cannot go wrong.

And what I have done for all these other people, I am going to do for you!

“Once again, I repeat: everything I have predicted has always come true. Why should it be different for you? No, it will be the same for you as for all the privileged people I helped before you:

“On the dates I indicate, your Winning Numbers will be drawn!

“On the dates I indicate, you will become rich!


Red Flag  # 6  “Don’t put off a decision and risk losing out on this unique opportunity to resolve your money problems once and for all. Why would you do such a thing? Surely, you want to enjoy a little luxury in your life? So, act now and reply at once, because the time for Lady Luck to arrive in your life has come! If you wait, you may forget this immense opportunity and it will not come your way again for a long time - if ever!

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“Your devoted friend,

Supposed signature of Georges Martin de Montreux

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “Georges Martin de Montreux” _not_ by

For the exclusive benefit of: Mrs First_Name Last_Name

checkboxYES Georges, please would you send me the Decoded Messages of Prophecy 2912 from the Book of Changes as soon as possible, remembering to include the Secret Instructions of Confucius, my Password and my Lucky Numbers and Dates

checkboxYES Georges, I have noted it’s my name First_Name Last_Name residing in Your_Town who is mentioned Prophecy 2912 by the Prophet Confucius. It means I will become RICH by winning at games of chance and first of all I will receive the sum of $195,000.

checkboxYES Georges, I want to be ready before July 2nd next, the most important lucky day of my life.

checkboxYES Georges, I am signing here because above all I do not want to renounce my FORTUNE.

checkboxYES Georges, I want to benefit from your unconditional guarantee. It is understood that if all the events in this letter do not come true as agreed, you will refund in full and without any conditions, my contribution to your costs. That’s your absolute guarantee.

checkboxYES Georges, I want you to send me in a confidential envelope, the Decoded Messages of Prophecy 2912 from the Book of Changes, without forgetting the Secret Instructions of Confucius, my Password, my Lucky Dates and Numbers essential for my success and fortune. For this, I am sending you a modest contribution for the costs of your research of $35 plus $5 for the Postage, that is a total of $40.

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Red Flag  # 7 Here is my date of birth:.
Red Flag  # 8  (Please fill in opposite)   checkbox


“Without any questions or discussion and on simple written request you will benefit for 120 days from receipt of my work or the items I offer you. I offer you, from my UNCONDITIONAL guarantee to refund your payment in full if you have not obtained total satisfaction.

Photo and identity not contractually binding.

Red Flag  # 1  “Photo and identity not contractually binding?” So Mr. de Montreux found a picture of a better looking man to use? OK, so he’s a little vain. But I’m a little confused about the “identity” comment. Do you suppose another “clairvoyant” is pretending to be Mr. de Montreux?! Or is he simply pretending to be a “clairvoyant”? (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  Many people have ‘money problems’. Some are caused by their other people’s decisions. Some may be caused by health problems or accidents. Some may be caused by family or friends. Some or even caused by our own decisions! No matter the cause, people would be glad to have the problems solved. And, according to Mr. de Montreux, he can correct them… no matter what the cause. This total stranger expects us to believe he can not only control events in our lives but also anyone else’s life that might affect ours. He even claims that our bad decisions can be ignored because he can correct the consequences of those as well! Makes me wonder why I have never heard of this amazing ‘Master of the Universe’! Have you ever heard of any human that powerful? I didn’t think so. (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  Apparently, this “clairvoyant” failed to see the obituary for my Aunt back in May of 2010. Or maybe he’s not quite as good as he thinks he is. He is certainly not as great as he’d like to have us believe. (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  Don’t be fooled by the use of your name and your cities name in the letter. Remember, your first and last name as well as your street address, city, state and zip code are all separate pieces of information in the mailing list this SCAMmer bought. That list is a computer file that is easily read by the word processor used to ‘write’ each letter. This kind of simple system allows each of us to receive a ‘personal’ letter from the SCAMmer. This is a widely used system for most of the bulk mail you get. Since these ‘personal’ letters are nothing more than advertising, they use the same ‘bulk mail’ rates used by other ‘junk’ mail. Don’t be fooled by the use of this technology. (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 5  Why would anyone with a perfect record of predictions (as he stated a few line back) be advertising anywhere?! Anyone with that kind of a record would have tons of mailed requests! Dosens of phone lines to handle all the calls. Of course, he would also be prohibited from entering any lottery, contest, sweepstakes, etc. He’d probably have had several lawsuits during his life, as well. And that would have been widely publicized and reported in practically every media. I guarantee you would have heard of this guy even if he claimed only a 75% success rate! (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 6  Finally, the plea that accompanies every SCAM; the infamous “act-now-without-consulting-any-friends-or-family”! This SCAMmer is truly afraid you will ‘forget’ to send him your money if you take any time to think about what he has said, especially if you talk it over with anyone! Truth is the biggest emeny of any SCAM! Get the facts! Don’t expect any facts from a SCAMmer! (return to # 6 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 7  What kind of ‘clairvoyant’ would have to ask you for your birthdate? Does that mean he might be less than what he claims to be? It probably just means that the mailing address list he bought didn’t include that information; those types of lists cast more!

The real problem, however, is that providing your birthdate to anyone who already has your name and address is extremely dangerous. With all that information, your other personal information such as bank accounts, Social Security number, credit card accounts, and many other personal and financial details can be found. This kind of information quite often leads to identity theft and loss of your assets! Never give this type of information to strangers! (return to # 7 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 8  As further proof that these SCAMs are produced by many of the same people or composed using computer templates, please visit the Yvanna page on this site and look near the bottom of the page. You will see that this part of each form is identical. (return to # 8 Red Flag above)

This is the most prolific of the psychics as far as mailings go. I have three completely different letters, all promising great riches, of course, but with different methods and different “gifts” for prompt return of the requested fee. He may be getting a little desperate as the last letter has reduced the fee by $10 from the previous two. I suppose the world-wide economic slump even affects psychics!

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