Psychics SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (8 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “J. B. Hazlett”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of “J. B. Hazlettt” _not_ by



Because what you are about to read must be kept in strict confidence October 28.

“Let me tell you why.

“This letter is PRIVATE and is not to be shown to ANYONE, not even your closest friends or relatives until you have received the urgent message that I have waiting for you on my desk!”

Confidential Supposed signature of J.B. Hazlett He wants to help!

“Dear friend,

Red Flag  # 2  “You are at the starting point of a fantastic journey: from the moment you open your eyes on October 28, you will start to enjoy a different life. A HUGE improvement in your financial situation is about to happen! Maybe as soon as seven days after you receive the information I have waiting for you on my desk!

“I beg you not to tell anyone about this letter. I do not want to disturb the intricate flow of events that may be about to occur in your life. As soon as you finish reading this letter.

Red Flag  # 3 YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LUCKY YOU ARE that I saw your name and birthdate on a list in my office. Your name practically flew off the sheet. After 32 years in this astrological business, I know when the Stars have big events coming up for certain LUCKY people - and your birthdate is in this group!

“A few weeks ago, I cast the astrological charts for those special birthdates. You are going to love what I found out!

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“But I am getting ahead of myself. I am called J.B. Hazlett. I am the Chief Astrologer for ASTRO-NUMERIC RESEARCH. And I’m proud to say, a real good one at that. Have been for over thirty years.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “J. B. Hazlettt” _not_ by

“And a good astrologer like myself knows that when the Stars make certain powerful aspects, wise people listen. And the really wise ones take advantage!

Red Flag  # 4  “But someone has to tell you. And that is why I am rushing this letter to you.

“But I beg of you - TELL NO ONE!

“On the chart that fits your birthdate, there is a warning. Someone close to you, someone that you think is a very good friend, is not to be trusted when it comes to money! If that person finds out about this, you could lose out completely!”

“So please, keep this letter and the information that I want to send to you “under your hat!” Tell no one until I say!”

Financial Problems Gone Forever!

“It is starting to rain again as I write this letter to you. I can see it hitting the window in front of my desk. Don’t you just love it when it rains and you don’t have to go outside? It makes you feel cozy and happy.

“Well, my friend,that is how you are going to feel in a few short weeks! And I am so happy for you.

“After I cast the astrological charts, I closed my eyes for a moment. I saw a room filled with people. There is laughing and happy conversation. I smell food cooking in another room. In the middle of all these people dressed in their best ...someone is standing, holding up a small piece of paper as if it were tremendously valuable. And that person is YOU.. I can feel it! It fits what your astrological chart tell me!

“That is why I am so happy for you!

Trust me, this is more than a dream...

Red Flag  # 5  “But I am not trying to convince you of anything. Either you believe me... or you don’t. All I am trying to do is to help you! I don’t want this GOOD FORTUNE to pass you by!”

You have got to preparer!

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “J. B. Hazlettt” _not_ by

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“And there is very little time left ...

“October 28 is almost here!

“What was it your chart told me? It said that you are coming into a special period - a time when your life can change dramatically. Some very special good luck is coming your way!

“This luck will extend into every area of your life. Each day will be new, exciting, and rewarding. Even your chance of winning a sporting event or other game of chance will become 10 to 30 times GREATER than right now. What a WONDERFUL event!

“When something like this happens, there is a very special chart analysis that I do. I call it my “WHEEL OF FORTUNE” Report. This wonderful Report prepares you to take full advantage of all the opportunities that will come to you during this period.

This Report will outline, predict, and advise you about exactly what to do during this LUCKY period which starts October 28, Everything you need to know will be spelled out in detail!

“NOW PLEASE LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY: Happier times with your loved ones, better health, a BIG IMPROVEMENT in your financial situation all this and more will be coming back into your life in a very BIG way...

“We Must Act Now to Prepare for October 28.”

“It was destiny that brought us together. If I had not seen your name and birthdate, you would never have known about this wonderful event. The happiness and joy that it can bring for you would have passed you by. How sad that would have been!”

“If you ignore this letter, you will not only be hurting me and your family but you will also miss a chance to live the rest of your life emotionally and financially secure.

“But I don’t want to push you into anything. You have to be as involved as I am, my dear friend. Otherwise, what is the point?”

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter of “J. B. Hazlettt” _not_ by

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Red Flag  # 6  “Tear off the coupon below and mail it to me right now.

“All I ask from you is the small sum of $20.00 to cover my costs in contacting you, preparing this Report, and rushing it to you. You will owe me nothing more — no matter how much you may gain as a result of the information in your Report!

“My word is my bond. I stand behind everything I have said in this letter and the information that is waiting for you in your “WHEEL OF FORTUNE” Report. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just tell me and I will promptly refund the $20.00 you paid me for the Report.”

“Your future happiness is at stake. Do not let this pass you by!


Supposed signature of J.B. Hazlett

“Dear J.B. Hazlett - I don’t want to miss out! Please rush my “WHEEL OF FORTUNE” Report to me.

Red Flag  # 7  “(   ) Enclosed is $20.00  ____cash   _____check   _____ money order

Red Flag  # 8  “My birthdate is: __________________________”

Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter of “J. B. Hazlett” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 1  It is vitally important to prevent the reader from getting any help from or discussing the letter with anyone. The reader must accept advice only from a total stranger claiming to be an “astrologer/author.” And to further re-enforce the secrecy he has added the “CONFIDENTIAL” stamp! So, it must be a real secret, right? This is nothing more than the standard SCAM technique that tries to prevent the reader from getting to the truth. The only thing secret about this SCAM is how the author got your name and address. (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  Here is one of the first steps in all SCAM letters: Promise financial improvement! Of course, mere improvement is not enough. Make the improvement as big as possible! Apparently, the bigger, the better! (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  Your birthdate is important and he knows that yours is special. He is stating, very plainly, that he knows what your birthdate is. He even admits to having seen it on a “list in [his] office.” And yet he asks you to write your birthdate on the form (at the end of the letter) he wants you to return (along with $20, of course)? This just points out how much of this letter is nothing but pure hype and nonsense. There is no truth in it. Except for the demand that you send $ 20, of course, that is certainly real! (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  Mr. Haslett says he is “rushing this letter to you”. However, it is mailed using the USPS bulk rate method. We used to call that ‘Third-Class’ since it was usually intended for catalogs, advertisements, and other “junk mail”. It certainly is not a priority, speed-sensitive method of mailing. It is definitely not used when mailing anything important! This is just one more case of the SCAMmer saying one thing but meaning absolutely the opposite. Bulk rate mail is not used to “rush” anything to you. Mr. Hazlett is either severely misinformed or he is lying to you! (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 5  In one sentence the SCAMmer claims he is NOT trying to convince you of anything. But in the next statement, circled to help capture your attention, he begs you to believe him! Of course, he wants you to believe him, you wouldn’t send him the $ 20, if you didn’t! He is lying… again! (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 6  This letter takes longer to get to this standard SCAM procedure than most. I call this the “Act-immediately-before-you- think” trick. The sole purpose of every SCAM is to take your money! The key to that is to get you to act before you think! (return to # 6 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 7  $ 20.00 is not a great sum. Most people can easily afford that much. However, these SCAM fees are always fairly small, usually less than $ 40, for a very specific reason. Being so small, they will usually never get much attention from any policing organization. You might even consider this small amount as part of your ‘life education’. It is still fraud! You are not being asked to sign up for any kind of education, you are being told you will be given information that will affect your entire future. That is fraud, pure and simple. You will not get what you’re paying for and what you do get will be worthless. Save your money. Learn this lesson for free! (return to # 7 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 8  One last reminder, never give your birthdate to anyone who already has your full name and address unless you know who they are and why they need it. “Mr. Hazlett” is a complete stranger who has already lied to you more than once! He even claims he already knows you birthdate! There is absolutely no valid reason to give it to him. Lastly, you should not be sending him any reply. You will only be helping him send more SCAM letters to more people. You will also make your own name and address more valuable to other SCAMs since you confirmed that your address is correct. (return to # 8 Red Flag above)

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