Psychics SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from SCAM letters sent by: Even More “Psychics”

Please remember, all the quotations below are from the SCAM letter of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

There seems to be no end!

Where should I stop?
There are so many more of these letters!

Some of the remaining letters are duplicates of ones I have already created a page. Some are additional letters from the same psychic already with their own page. But several are completely new. That is, they have different texts and images; however, every letter offers unlimited wealth, happiness and/or good health. Obviously, no one wants to be poor, unhappy or sick, but there is absolutely no proof that any of these psychics can deliver anything other than more requests for additional fees.

Below are few additional psychics and just a small sample of their outrageous claims and offers.

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Image of Alessia


Clairvoyant - Specialist in Divinatory

A Recent specific demand concerning you appeared so strange I spent many hours working on your case. And there was more than one surprise in store...

Read this letter and discover why I wanted to share an amazing personal secret with you as quickly as possible,

(notably concerning a sum of money that it would be advisable for you to cash within thirty days!)...

Promises to send a “Jewel of Luck” (which is not for sale, even on TV!) The “FREE” Jewel requires six monthly checks of $6.50 each ($39 total), but will work only for 30 days. That works out to $33.50 for 150 days of nothing.

I suspect that Alissa will manage to find something else that will be of interest to you before the end of the six months... for another small fee, of course.

This is one of over half a dozen letters mailed from Budapest but having return addresses in Switzerland. It seems that they all use the same basic text documents with the same specific mistake in every one of them. After reading the same basic texts and the same style letters, it becomes obvious that they are all coming from the same person. Most even use exactly the same return P.O. Box! These people have absolutely no respect for you or me. We are simply seen as targets for a SCAM.

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Angela


Clairvoyant Medium of Great Precision

“Within 3 minutes you are going to witness a “very special” magical phenomenon that will immediately have an exceptional effect on your life. Here is why: For a very important reason that you will discover in this letter, I have made the decision to send you, at no charge, an authentic precious “Lucky Gold Talisman.” which, by a secret method, I have magnetized especially for you over a period of 72 hours.

“Please understand that this Lucky Talisman of pure gold cannot possibly be compared with other talismans you may have owned previously, which have no real power.”

Well, I think the power of a piece of “magnetized Gold” should be obvious to everyone! After all, it would be the first time Gold has ever been magnetized!!

Here’s an image of the front and back of that talisman.

While the graphic may not do it justice, it certainly is Gold colored! Of course, you probably have some “Gold” colored items in your home. But they are usually silver toned objects that have been painted with transparent yellow. But you are perfectly entitled to try to sell this “Gold” Talisman. Gold is fetching a nice price! And I think you will get more value from that sale than anything Angela will send you!

Angel explains that you are to recite “with strength and conviction” three different “magic formula’s”. For only $19 ( + $4 shipping and handling ) Angela promises to perform the “Great Secret Ritual of Supreme Protection.” International Money Order, please, No checks or credit cards accepted!

Have you ever tried to get your money back from a cashed money order? Practically impossible. Good luck with getting a reply, much less your “money back guaranteed refund.” I suspect the “Lucky Gold Talisman” will fail you when you need it most!

In a second letter from Angela, she offers an “Authentic Ring of Light.” “The source of it’s power is a paranormal phenomenon that...defies rational explanation.” I promise you, this is the only time I have seen “rational” used in any letter from any SCAMmer!

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Wendy Carol

“Wendy Carol

30 years of Psychic Predictions

Free gift of “Psychic Shield of Protection” with 5 sacred symbols. Request from recipient is $9.95 ( plus $5 for S&H ) each month for a “Prediction of Prosperity.”

“SEND NO MONEY NOW!” Of course, you should expect to receive a bill for $14.95 each month, hopefully enclosed in the new “Prediction of Prosperity!” Obviously, “predicting” prosperity is much easier than actually causing it! But this sounds so much cheaper, only $9.95 a month! Well, there is that $5 for S&H... Never knew shipping costs were so expensive! Must be the ‘handling’ part that runs up cost... Surely... OK, so it’s not so cheap, after all. That’s just short of $90 and for only six months! And nothing more substantial than some pieces of paper! Even Ms. Carol doesn’t say she can actually tell you anything. All she says she’ll do is send you “a “Prediction of Prosperity” letter. Perhaps the “free” gift of the “Psychic Shield of Protection” will keep you safe when she asks for more money for more stuff!

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Image of Frank Don

“Frank Don

A Psychic/Astrologer

Starting precisely at 8:03 am on July 23rd, an extended period of 108 golden prosperity days are coming that could be immensely prosperous, in ways you cannot even imagine.

I’d like to be you mentor, guide and friend.

“And because [you] will need [...] guidance through these difficult times, please send [...] each month a new forecast at the low price of $19.95 plus $5 S&H.”

Order form claims to offer a ‘FREE’ “Golden Ring of Fortune” (conveniently illustrated by a third-grade artist) along with the first personal “Psychic Almanac For Abundance.” All this for only $9.95 ( plus $5 for S&H ).

WOW! No wonder Mr. Don is smiling! $24.95 every month until you get wise to the SCAM! Such a deal! Do you realize that’s $299.40 a YEAR?! And it is safe to assume that once you start sending that money, Mr. Don will ’discover‘ new opportunities that will require additional fees.

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Gloria


Renowned Parapsychologist

To be 100% sure, I am going to send you the personal Gift that my grandmother decided to give you: your Astral Compensator which you must wear on you[sic].

“As soon as I receive your Request along with your participation, I will send your detailed Personal Clairvoyance Reading which I have called “Share of Fortune Reading”, which was dictated to me for you, in the form of automatic script by my grandmother.”

Besides the above “Astral Compensator” and the Personal Clairvoyance Reading, Gloria claims she has “2 checks allocation[sic] that you won.” She has graciously included the “winning number” for the drawing you didn’t even know you had entered: 127540970! These are checks for more than $100 from some, unknown source that only Gloria knows. So, how much does Gloria “request” for all these items? Only $30 + $5 postage and packing! Apparently, no money is needed for ‘handling’. It’s possible that the ‘handling’ fee is why the $30 fee is higher than most other psychics charge. Or, that extra amount may be going to ‘Gammon’s Group’, a firm that supposedly handles money and administration matters for Gloria. Her return address is: GLORIA, c/o Gammons Group, Amsterdam...

Gloria, aka ‘Gammon’s Group’, is another user of the Budapest Post Office, even though the return mailings go to Amsterdam, Holland. I have two letters from Gloria. The second one also offers a check, this time for “the biggest cheque I can offer - $14,300.” Still no word as to where this money originates, of course. On the extremely rare possibility that you actually get a check from Gloria, wait several months before spending any of the money! When the check turns out to be fraudulent, your bank will demand that you repay any missing funds, and they have a legal right to recover it from you!

Among the fine print in Gloria’s letter is a short phrase I’ve seen in several others: “Photo and identity non-contractual”. I’m assuming, since I am not an attorney, that this means the image (photo of “Gloria,”) and even her name are fakes, lies, even... just like the rest of the promises and statements in the letter. This could make getting any kind of refund extremely difficult, at best. If you find a different definition, please let me know.

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Image of Madame Mirrot

“Madame Mirrot

Seer & Medium

“Compiled personally
on 5/25/2019[sic]

About today you will always think with great pleasure for the rest of your life!

Thus, if you yearn for money, prosperity, good health and even love in your life, then NOW the point in time has come at which you this once and never again afterwards have the chance that everything you dream of can come true!!!

MS. Mirrot should get an award for the longest sentence I’ve seen in any of the hundreds of letters in my collection! And, like so many of them, the first priority is money. Apparently, none of these so-called psychics, mentalists, mediums, clairvoyants, etc. have heard that money can’t buy happiness!

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Perseval

“Jason Perseval

“Without a shadow of a doubt, I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL SOON BE WORTH A LOT OF MONEY! Do you understand what this means? This is not a game, nor a draw where you have to spend money... before even hoping to be drawn at random... No, not at all. The idea is to give you, with the help of Jason PERSEVAL, the chance of winning for certain - the right combination in the biggest lottery!

The proof? Here it is...

“In the same way as for you today, here at the Clairvoyant Efficiency Control Association (C.E.C.A.), we received some fabulous and exceptional information yesterday: 4 years ago I, authorised a scientific inquiry. Its objective? To discover if some clairvoyants, mages[sic], mediums, etc... have Sup-Vision[sic] powers (this means considerably superior to “normal” clairvoyants) and see if they would be capable of finding the winning numbers in games of chance...

“As soon as Jason has received your enclosed form, he will send you your 7 precious Immediate Winning Numbers ( I.W.N.B.L. ) for the Biggest Lottery. Plus his Supreme Money Activator. Next, he will carry out a supreme operation. And to finish, he will reactivate your aura, your chakras, your energies and your cosmic vibrations. This is essential for you to be in phase with luck in the lottery.

ONLY FOR YOU: dear First_Name, in addition to your  7  I.W.N.B.L., you can also receive the Contactor*. Hold the Contactor tightly in your right hand and you will immediately be in contact with me. I can then telepathically send you my astral help. For just $10 more. Add just $10 to your payment so that I may send it to you along with the  7  I.W.N.B.L.

* Please note that I must send the Contactor at the same time as your 7  I.W.N.B.L. as their effects are complementary.

Did you even know your “aura” needed reactivation? I suspected not. Just another “free” benefit of paying the $50 fee to Jason!

The “proof” turns out to be unattributed and totally subjective, in spite of the quoted numbers. Numbers, even with two places of “precision” do not data make! They are simply numbers, created by the same person who created the entire letter.

Doesn’t that “Contactor” sound a lot like a telephone? I mean, most of us hold it in our right hand. And it usually puts us into immediate contact with the other person...

The “7 I.W.N.B.L.” is defined as the 7 Immediate Winning Numbers for the Biggest Lottery. Not to be confused with the 14 Delayed Losing Numbers for all Lotteries! If anything has impressed me in reading the dozens of letters, it is the imaginative names and ideas these SCAMmers come up with. Surely their brains could be used for legal and amazingly useful ideas for humanity instead of constantly trying to convince us that we are going to be showered by buckets of cash from unknown sources.

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of David Phild

“David Phild”

Image of paragraph Image of paragraph Image of paragraph

Mr. Phild went to the trouble of finding a “hand-writing” font for his letter. But the claims remain the same as all the others; unverifiable, greed-based and self-promoting. These are but a tiny samling of the paragraphs in the six-page, mass-produced letter. And yet, the recipient is asked to believe that they are the only person contacted about an event that happens but “once or twice a century!” If that’s not enough to convince you of the lack of credibility of the letter (not to mention the author!), look at the next image.

Image of more information request

Mr. Phild claims to be a“Medium - International Award Winner
One of the greatest names in Clairvoyance in the World
Clairvoyance - Numerology - Astrology - Medium
I’m sure the repetition and capitalization have some purpose but I have no idea what that might be. At any rate, I find it amazing that a man of such talents and powers does not already know all the information he asks for on the form. After all, the letter is addressed to “MS.”, that should give him a hint as to whether the recipient is male or female. And, as a data gathering form, it is lacking in logic; it assumes that the person is a parent of at least one child! Then there are the color of hair choices... Not sure what an auburn, chestnut, grey, red or mixed color haired person should mark as to hair color. I guess this is where the “magical sciences” come into play?

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Anastasia Star

“Anastasia Star

“Although we have never met... I have a premonition you are going through a very soul searching period right now, and you are looking for immediate answers about your life. In fact, nobody, unless they are a psychic like myself, could know more about what you are going through, unless they have walked a mile in your shoes!

“Because these are such special circumstances, and because your need is so great in this case, you don’t have to pay me anything. That’s right, Nothing! Pay me nothing and owe me nothing. You don’t have to pay me a single penny unless you receive a large sum of unexpected money within ninety days of receiving my personalized report - pay me nothing unless within ninety days you are happier with yourself and your life than you’ve been in years. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve dealt with skeptics before.”

Are you going through a troubling time? If not, you will probably just discard the letter. On the other hand, many people will feel they are having problems, but what is unusual about that? We should all know that troubles are simply a part of life. Or, have you not learned that, yet? If not, be prepared to be tricked by those who claim they can protect you from troubles.

Now, if you are feeling troubled, this letter may appeal to you because the “author” seems to know something about you and your life! But, remember, a very large number of people are having problems at any particular time. The mention that you are is not, in any way, proof that MS. Star has any special knowledge about you. Period. What is surprising to me, is that this is the first one I’ve seen that even suggests that any other psychic could also know what this one is saying! All the other letters I have say, in one way or another, that the letters author is the only one who knows about the recipient. All the other letters proclaim that the author is the most skilled, most renowned, most noted, most powerful psychic in the world! This “confidence” is one of the clues about the credibility of the letter and the author. Remember, the “con” part of con-game or con-man comes from the word confidence!

Now, how about the “Pay me Nothing” statement. If you read a little further, you will come upon a request for a post-dated check for $20 to be sent with your reply. MS. Star promises not to cash it until the date you write on it. But there are two important things to consider:

First, MS Star says there is no need to pay her... anything. Now she is asking for a check. Which is it; 30 days free or $20?

Second, post-dating a check does not guarantee that it will not be presented to a bank for payment, possibly immediately! If you notify your bank about a post-dated check, they may charge you a fee equal to a “Stop Payment” fee. That is done because you are asking them to do extra work concerning that check, basically the same work required by a “Stop Payment” request. Even if there is no extra charge, there is still the possibility that the check will be cashed early. If that happens and you don’t have funds to cover it at that early date, you will be charged for insufficient funds, notwithstanding the date written on the check.

If you truly have financial problems, why on earth would you want to risk even more?

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Valmont


“Clairvoyant - Medium
Grand Master of the Occult


“How often have you dreamt of transforming your life with a stroke of a magic wand? Of course, this is wishful thinking and highly unlikely to happen, as you are well aware. Even the Greatest Clairvoyant of all time couldn’t grant this wish. If anyone claims that they can do this then steer well clear of them as they are lying.

THE TRANSVAAL SPHERES WILL PROTECT YOUR FUTURE! But what exactly are these Transvaal Spheres? There are 198 of these Spheres and they were discovered, by chance, in a South African Silver Mine.

So, what is the secret of the Transvaal Spheres? These spheres have been guarded by the Grand Masters of the Occult ever since their discovery...

“After much research in sacred books and old manuscripts, the Transvaal Spheres finally revealed their Secret via a faded parchment found in an old building in Pretoria.

What is the link between YOU and the TRANSVAAL SPHERES? Well the link is enormous, as you will soon see.... The Pretoria parchment also provides the answer and explains the events that followed.... I went with my friend, Arthur de Saint Pons into the Council Chamber where the 198 Spheres were set out on a large table.... Some of them were spinning amazingly fast on their axis. Others were just wobbling, but they all seemed to be extremely agitated.... Suddenly, under the very eyes of all gathered there, the prediction of the Pretoria Manuscript came true.


“One sphere in the middle, no bigger than any of the others, suddenly began wobbling so frantically that it literally began to hover over the table. Then it suddenly began rolling past all the other spheres and towards me. I had the reflex to reach out my hand and catch it just as it was about to roll off the table.... As soon as it touched the palm of my hand I was blinded by a bright white flash of light. I saw your name flash up in Letters of Light: First_Name Last_Name. And then I saw your future...

A NEW LIFE IS OPENING UP TO YOU AT LAST! I know that it’s impossible to comprehend the Secret Powers of the Transvaal Sphere... as well as the story of where it comes from. However the facts speak for themselves.

* MONEY will flow in...
* LOVE will be showered upon you from all sides...
* SUCCESS in everything you do...
* GOOD LUCK will be attracted to you...
* You will become the REFERENCE for many...
* RENOWN will follow...

As stated on the form to send to Mr. Valmont:

“In accordance with the terms stated in the Pretoria Manuscript discovered in that old building and ancestral tradition, I hereby send my alms of $35, made payable to ELYPSYS”

WOW! What a story! I guess that proves Mr. Valmont is not lying because no one could think up such an outlandish piece of fiction! Right?

Take another look at those “facts.” Notice that every single one refers to some thing in the future. A “fact” is something that can be proven in the present or past. It should also be a fact in the future, but it must have already been proven. Mr. Valmont would like us to believe that these predictions of future events are “fact”! We’ll just have to wait and see the “proof” in the future.

Just think, there are only 198 of these fabulously powerful objects known to exist, but you can have one for only $35! Is that a bargin or what?! Yeah, I think I’ll vote for the “what,” also. So, all the things that anyone else would promise you would be lying, but Mr. Valmont has the real thing! That is, one of only 198 “real things” in the universe! You other psychics can just eat your hearts out!

Now, any idea who or what “ELYPSYS” is? That’s the way you pronounce three periods often found in literature. It is usually meant to indicate something has been intentionally left out or deleted. I’ve used them liberally above. My theory is that the miss-spelled “ELYPSYS” is used to poke a little fun at whoever is reading the letter; it is pointedly saying that something, maybe a lot(?) has been left out and left out intentionally! As they say, “What you don’t know can hurt you!”

Please remember, all the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letters of these so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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Image of Steve Waters

“Steve Waters

The experts say your case is hopeless.
They all say you are doomed to failure.
It’s in the stars: Try as you will, anything you do will end badly.
You are cursed with bad luck and there is nothing you can do about it.


“Let me introduce myself: My name is Steve Waters, and it is not for nothing that I am called the worlds greatest astrologer and psychic. My specialty? Performing the impossible. Taking on the challenges others shy away from. Doing what they say cannot be done. My new project? To change you my friend, inside out, turning you from a dark, obscured, luck-dead individual into a shining bright happy star, radiant in plenty, in happiness, in love, and in joy. Indeed—everything will be reversed, you will experience the opposite of what you have been experiencing till now--all your suffering, your frustrations, the outrages committed against you, the lingering resentments and scars---all will be wiped clean, all soul wrinkling embarrassment erased as if they never happened.


What am I referring to?

“Well, if you must know, and you are entitled to know in my opinion, there was in attendance at the conference those that would not like to see you succeed. They have even expressed these thoughts. While it may seem petty on their part to try to keep you down, it is just people’s nature, that they can’t bear to see another succeed. In this case, so deep is their jealously of me, they will do all they can to show me up.

“Now once you obtain this special instrument they know there is nothing they can do. They know that it’s too late. But before you receive it, before you order it, they can flood your mind with doubts and fill your heart with skepticism. Be aware that this is what is happening to you now this very minute. This is what you are feeling. Your hesitation is being caused by and generated by my enemies--- your enemies—those that don’t want you to succeed and be happy.


Here is what you have to do:

“At your request I will send you a very special spiritual device one you have never heard of or read about. It is so secret, so effective, it holds the power to change not only your life but the life of every living being on this planet. It is an ancient instrument that is known to convey proven power and success to those who possess and know how to use it.”

Mr. Waters wastes no time letting you know how great (he thinks) he is! Step one in gaining someone’s confidence is to proclaim your own! And he lays it on even thicker by claiming to do the “impossible,” even what others say is impossible! I don’t know about you, but it is getting difficult keeping up with who is the most powerful, most world-renowned, most confident, most whatever, psychic! Nearly all of them claim to be number one in that accolade!

Now that Mr. Waters has established his confidence, he starts to work on yours. Not only does he want to help you, he wants you to know that you are so important that there are groups of people, attending conferences, and discussing whether you should be helped! Don’t you feel special, now?! And these other people, apparently slightly less powerful than Mr. Waters, of course, are a convenient source of any doubts you might have. It’s not your logical thinking or hokus-pokus of the letter, it’s those other, unfriendly, selfish people!

Of course, a SCAM isn’t complete until the “solution” is offered. And it is described as “a very special spiritual device.” It’s so special and secret that you haven’t even heard or even read of it! And, of course, it is so effective that Mr. Waters is willing to let you have it with a 100% money back guarantee! Of course, he will need to have something to help him get by until everything in your life turns around, so please send him $50 right now! Please and Thank You!

And, by the way, please fill in your birthday and time of birth on the card you return with that $50. For some reason, these psychics seem to know everything about your life; financially, romantically and physically except for your birthdate. I wonder if they have ever heard about the Internet?!

Please remember, all the quotations above are from the SCAM letters of the so-called “Psychics” _not_ by

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