Religious SCAMs...and how to avoid them!

Lies, Fakery, Greed and Tomfoolery

A collection of mailed SCAMs

Quotations from a (5 Red Flag rated) SCAM letter sent by: “Melkizedek”

Please remember, the quotations below are from the SCAM letter from “THE ORDER OF MELKIZEDEK” _not_ by

Melkizedek symbol


“Of the Church of Science and Art
Great is the reward to those who help and give without thought of self

“It works!

Red Flag  # 1  “Prepare yourself. By this letters end, your every wish will be granted.

“I control a miraculous God given power. This power is so mighty my followers call it omnipotent. This power will grant you anything and everything you earnestly desire.

“I am not an angel, although I speak with them. I am not a God, although supernatural acts of God manifest through me. I am not an illusionist, although my powers appear magical.

“I am a chosen Son of Light. I am a miracle worker and you are now a miracle receiver.

Red Flag  # 2  “To the true believer I am Gods prophet and miracle worker. The less faithful consider me the perfect study in the Laws of Psychic Phenomena. Which ever you decide it is, I can give you whatever it is you dream of.

“Here is a simple and completely provable fact: If you know what you want, I can give it to you. There are no limits to the miracles I can bestow. If you are earnest and sincere in telling me exactly what you wish for, your wishes will be granted.

“Understand this is not wishful thinking. You and I will undertake a defined course of action. Our actions will be resultful. Once we start down this path, our success is assured.

“There are only a few simple rules.

  1. “You must be specific in your desires. You must know positively what you want and when you want it. For example, please do not simply wish to be rich, wish for $750,000 dollars before Tuesday the llth of October.
  2. “You must be mindful of your wishes, and acknowledge their fulfillment when granted.
  3. “You must not disclose your desires to anyone other than myself.
  4. “Even after your wishes are granted, you must not tell anyone else the source of these miracles or they will cease to occur.

“Remember: nothing can stop me from granting your desires. At this time, I am willing and waiting to serve you. But be mindful, you must not discuss your method of sucess[sic] with anyone.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter from “THE ORDER OF MELKIZEDEK” _not_ by

“I will grant specific wishes at appointed times to be disclosed momentarily. At these times, you must know positively and in detail what you want and when you want it.

“On September 30th I will perfectly and accurately reveal your future.”

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“Every psychic reading you have ever received will seem insignificant. My visions of your future are beyond accurate. The future I see will become the future you live. What I perceive always manifests. There are many secrets you must know. Names and numbers. Courses of action that must be taken. All this I will record and deliver to you on September 30th.

“I recite an Ancient Secret Knowledge Chant in your name three times and then I am consumed in visions of your future. My powers control these visions. As such, I will reveal the future you desire and that future shall manifest.

“This reading will be quite extensive and detailed. Just as I require you to be specific in your desires, I will be specific in my revelations of your future. Follow my counsel and be assured of profound riches of every measure.

“On October 10th, I will manifest your every desire of the Heart.

“Included in the package containing your psychic instructions on the 30th will be special documents on which you will reveal the matters of the heart you desire fulfilled. I will undertake the manifesting of these desires on October 10th.

“I urge you to be specific. If you wish the undying romantic affections of a specific individual, state that. If you desire this from an individual you have yet to meet, describe this person. Love, romance, rekindle an old romance, be popular, stop divorce. Let me know if you would like to have magnetic attraction and persuasive powers over others.

“No miracle is beyond our reach. Request as many miracles of the heart as you desire. I will not limit you. There is no wish I can not fulfill. These desires shall be granted.

Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter from “THE ORDER OF MELKIZEDEK” _not_ by

“On October 11th, I will make you one of the wealthiest souls in America.

“My prospering powers are limitless. I manifest abundance miracles at will. A million dollar miracle is no more difficult to manifest than a 3100 dollar miracle. As such, I will urge you to be aggressive concerning your wealth desires. I will also remind you to be specific.

“The manifestation of these miracles is an absolute certainty. The size of these miracles shall be left to your discretion. Concerning the first miracle of October llth, accept this guidance. Desire enough to tend to every conceivable need you may have at the present, but not so much that the next 3 miracles are meaningless.

“Let us formalize the miracle of October 11th at this time. Enclosed is a green document. In your own hand, enter your full name and the amount you desire from your October llth prosperity miracle. Return it to me and I shall make it so. You shall experience profound wealth and unlimited abundance.

“I will bring to bear potent forces of Good in your behalf beginning October 20th.

“Events of great fortune are not random acts as many believe. Luck and fate are intertwined. I can alter your fate so that miracles of good fortune become common place in your life. You will stand awestruck as miracle after miracle of unimaginable good luck appears.

“I shall unveil the first of these miracles on October 20th. Many more will follow. I will reveal the exact dates in due course. However, day in and day out, you will now meet good fortune on a continuous, non—stop basis. In terms of fortune, I need not seek your direction. The rules I stated earlier are not entirely applicable to fate and fortune.

“I will grant any wish of any magnitude on October 24th. (Any wish that is not evil)”

Well, I’m certainly glad to finally read there are at least some minimal limits on what one can ask for! Up until that “not evil” comment, it seemed that absolutely any and every thing one might ask for would be granted! I feel so much better knowing that no evil wishes will be granted.

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Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter from “THE ORDER OF MELKIZEDEK” _not_ by

“Observe an authentic miracle on October 24th. This will serve as my ultimate test. In a miraculous instant, you will know beyond any doubt all I say is true. (Warning) I share this next secret to provide you solace. Within hours of having this wish fulfilled, you will be filled with remorse. Having not fully believed in my powers, you realize you had a more important desire. Worry not! I will fulfill that wish also on October 28th. Do not fret over this or try to out smart your own fate. Make your wish, experience the remorse and then rejoice remembering that a second chance comes just 4 days later.

Red Flag  # 3  “I dare you to prove any power I attest to untrue!”

“Simply put, I dare you to prove me wrong on any subject addressed here in this letter. I am urging you to test my powers by making your wishes so grand that they would seem unattainable. In every instance, I will fulfill it. Be it love, money, power or good fortune. I will produce miracles of every nature and grant your every conceivable desire. If I fail you in any manner, every service I provide and every gift I share with you is Free. I will return any offering ever made by you, you retain everything I have sent you. Your word will suffice.

Red Flag  # 4  “Take action this very minute.”

“Divine intervention, not mere fate, presents you with this opportunity to change your life today. For that reason, you must exercise your freewill. There is not time to waste. If these blessings are denied today, you will be denying these miraculous rewards forever.

“Return the Acceptance of Conditions Form. With your own hand fill in your prosperity miracle check with your name and the amount desired for your October llth miracle. Place these with a one time $25 dollar offering payable to: Church Science and Art in the envelope I have enclosed for you.

“I am committed to everything revealed in this letter. Everything is verified with the 100% guarantee enclosed. You shall receive the parcel containing your psychic revelations and instructions as well as all the items I know you will need by September 30th.

“By the power of Melkizedek, Satan’s power is taken away.

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Please remember, the quotations above and below are from the SCAM letter from “THE ORDER OF MELKIZEDEK” _not_ by


Acceptance of Conditions

Please intervene in my behalf, Melkizedek! Direct your miraculous gifts toward granting my every wish. I accept your conditions and will do my best in the following:

  1. “I will be definite and specific in my desires.
  2. “I will be mindful of my wishes and will acknowledge their fulfillment when granted.
  3. “I will not disclose my wishes with anyone other than you.
  4. “After my wishes are granted, I will tell no others the source of these miracles.

“I understand that all your psychic revelations and wish fulfilling services are guaranteed as described below. Although I am agreeing to the 4 conditions above, the guarantee below is not contingent on my upholding these in any way.

“Under these conditions:

“I am returning the form below with my $25 dollar offering payable to: Church Science and Art.

“Please perform and rush me my detailed psychic revelations with all psychic tools that will be required to assure the fulfillment of my every wish as described.

“100% Money-Back Guarantee

Red Flag  # 5  “I urge you to test my powers. After receiving your extensive psychic council, I ask you to make wishes so grand they seem unattainable. In every instance, I will fulfill this desire. Be it love, money, power or good fortune. If I fail you in any manner, every service I have performed and every gift I share with you is then 100% free. I in turn, will return any offering made by you and you retain all goods and services. I will never ask for any confirmation. Your word is good with me. This 100% guarantee of success applies to the fulfillment of any desire and to the accuracy of every psychic revelation made.

“The Order of Melkizedek

“Please check for correctness and return this form with your $25 dollar fully refundable offering to:

“Church Science and Art - P.O. Box 74904 Los Angeles California”

Please remember, the quotations above are from the SCAM letter from “THE ORDER OF MELKIZEDEK” _not_ by

Red Flag  # 1  STOP! Think about what you just read! Do you really believe this complete stranger can grant “your every wish”? How? Why would you be selected? Remember, this is the exact, same SCAM letter that everyone on the mailing list will be getting. If you don't learn anything from this site, please realize that these SCAM letters are created with a template that inserts names and addresses for each person. Seek out someone with enough computer knowledge to help you understand how multiple letters can be created using a regular computer. Use the computer you have to search for terms such as “place holders”, “template letters”, “mailing lists for sale”. You will learn that these letters are no more “personal” than any other piece of advertising mail you receive. The only purpose of these SCAM letters is to take money from you and provide absolutely no benefit to you.

First, there is no one by the name of “Melkizedek ” writing or signing these letters. That is simply a biblically sounding name invented by this SCAMmer. Second, realize what is promised is not only undeliverable, it is not even logical or rational and probably not even good for you. It is simply a common method of most SCAMs to promise something most people would want.

I sometimes think, after reading 50+ SCAM letters, that the “authors” are attempting to find the most outlandish, irrational promises they can imagine just to see how far they can go. (return to # 1 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 2  “To the true believer I am Gods prophet and miracle worker. The less faithful consider me the perfect study in the Laws of Psychic Phenomena.” And to the vast majority, he is still a fraud and the letter is still a SCAM. One obvious clue is the ever-so-common SCAM plea to “not disclose your desires to anyone other than myself.” Telling anyone else of a SCAM is a sure way to learn what it really is. It is the bane of all frauds and SCAMmers. This demand is repeated two more times in the hope that the reader will remember it: “you must not discuss your method of sucess[sic] with anyone.” and “Even after your wishes are granted, you must not tell anyone else the source of these miracles or they will cease to occur.”

Now that last remark is a little confusing to me. If the event or desire has happened or been granted by this fraudster, how is it possible for it to be unhappened or ungranted. Will the hundreds of thousands of dollars suddenly burst into flames? Will the new million dollar house suddenly disappear? (return to # 2 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 3  Don't forget to send that $25, of course! How much money do you want to throw away in order to discover that this SCAMmer called “Melkizedek ” is a fraud? Please note that the $25 is called an “offering”. Just remember, an “offering” is simply a gift. Nothing need be done to receive a gift and nothing can be expected i return. Good luck asking for a refund! Good luck even getting a response to a request for a refund! (return to # 3 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 4  Another common SCAM hallmark. ‘Don’t stop and think!’ And absolutely don’t discuss this SCAM with anyone! Just send the money! Please re-read red flag # 1 above. (return to # 4 Red Flag above)

Red Flag  # 5  A “100%” guarantee? I challenge you to show this letter to any attorney you can find and ask them their opinion of the legality of this “guarantee” and especially the possibility of actually getting a refund. Talk to as many attorneys or legal professionals you want and please let me know of any who encourage you to send any money to this SCAM. I have made a form available for contacting me. (return to # 5 Red Flag above)

Would you like to see more about the “Church Science and Art”? Go ahead. Copy and paste that term into your favorite search engine. If you find anything, be sure to let me know. You can use the handy Contact form. I just won’t be holding my breath waiting for your message because there is no such church, in Los Angeles or anywhere else.

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