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Religious SCAMs

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This category includes people who claim to have some kind of power because of their religious training or beliefs. Most of the individuals suggest that they can provide special prayers that will give us access to anything we can possibly want. While these people call upon “God,” they don’t seem to have a basic understanding of the main purpose of prayer. They have usurped prayer as a means of gaining material possessions. While Jesus encourages prayer, He also mentions that what is asked for should be in God’s Will for His followers. All the people and groups below have some confusion about the difference between a want and a need!

Even the Legionaries for Christ use a lottery as a way of enticing us to send them money. This simply plays on the greedy behavior of many people. It is the same behavior that causes people to expect to win any contest, legal or not. It’s the desire to get something for nothing or, at least, get more than what it costs to participate in the “game of chance!”

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Legionaries for Christ, RC

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Legionaries for Christ logo

You may recall that this group’s founder was ordered, in 2006, by Pope Benedict XVI, to spend the rest of his life in prayer and penance for his reprehensible actions. That was the beginning of a severe drop in contributions and spending by the Legionaries. I suppose that is why they have resorted to encouraging us to gamble by entering their sweepstakes. Maybe I should list this group in the "Lotteries" section?

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“Dr.” Prayer Master Melkizedek

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Image of Melkizedek symbol

It is not unusual for Old Testament names to be usurped by “religious” SCAMmers. Many people will recognize those names, even though their spellings may be challenged. There is so much confusion, not only about the spelling but about the person that the name is perfect for scam use. The more confusing a scam is, the more likely someone may believe it! I offer the following as an example: Melchizedek is not necessarily just the name of an individual who once lived upon Earth, as many may presume. It is also the name of the “Cosmic Priesthood that exists through every dimension upon every sacred planet.”

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“Dr.” Mike Murdock

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Supposed image of Mike Murdock

Mainly requests to support “The Wisdom Center” with Faith-Promise “seeds” (more commonly known as contributions of money!). Suggested amounts are $58 a month plus $1,000.00 one-time pledges. Other items offered are CD packages instructing contributors on “7 Things You Need to Know to Become a Millionaire,” “7 Powers of Your Mind,”, “What To Do...While You Are Waiting,” and other helpful, ‘spiritual’ titles!

By the way, the “Dr.” comes from an honorary degree bestowed on Mike by an unaccredited ‘Seminary’, he didn’t do any actual studying to earn a Ph. D. Nor has the school told how it selects recipients for their honorary degrees.

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Prayer Master Zacharia

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Supposed image of Zachariah

Only information I could find on this “master” is on scam sites! Similar to the use of Melchizedek, the name Zachariah is probably more widely known and encourages even more people to trust in some one using the name. Just remember, using a name does not make one different. You can call yourself a mechanic, but that won’t provide you with any skills or knowledge in repairing anything!

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