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Last updated: March 19, 2015

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Lottery scams / 10 topics
Lottery SCAMs Overview
Aussie International Winners Circle
Free Bed
John Harrison
[The Amazing] Kreskin
Passionist Missionaries
Sweepstakes Access Advisors
North Shore Animal League
Miscellaneous scams / 15 topics
Miscellaneous SCAMs Overview
Diana A. Baker
Karen M. Conners
Dr. Frank Drake
Aneek Johann
Adrianna Kendall
Linda Langtree
Susan A. McDonald
Earl Mindell
Grandma Rosa
Barbara D. Stevens
Sweepstakes Clearinghouse
Laura Summers
Travel Union
UBI Payment Services
A Comparison of Three Packages
MLM and Pyramid scams / 5 topics
MLM and Ponzi SCAMs Overview
Bernard A. Dukes
Rhonda M. Fitzgerald
Secret Club of the Golden Circle
Psychics scams / 26 topics
Psychics SCAMs Overview
Madame Avalon
Antonia Bernadette
Sister Cartier
Lady Charlemagne
Angeles d’Marco
Marie de Fortune
Marie de Fortune - Talisman
Georges Martin de Montreux
Maria Duval
Maria Duval II
Vivian Hart
J. B. Hazlett
Rachael Hughes
Meredith Lane
Jean Mars
Madison Price
Sister Sedona
Angela Summers
Joseph von Jalan
Margaret Von Sacher
Ruth Wade
More Psychics
Religious scams / 5 topics
Religious SCAMs Overview
Legionaries for Christ
Mike Murdock
Prayer Master Zachariah
Work-at-Home scams / 6 topics
Work-at-Home SCAMs Overview
Beta Tester
Dry-Tech Systems
Home Finder
National Homeworkers Association
Postcard Mailing
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